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[question] Udyr mechanics and which not to max?

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Paradox Equation

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This is why I recommend Sheen as being one of your first buys, or at least the mana crystal. Sheen helps a great deal in getting Udyr up to speed both on his mana and his damage. Otherwise, Udyr has a slow start!

Just don't forget that Udyr requires smart play and good judgment on stance usage. Udyr also has a slow start compared to most other champs. I feel that the sheen helps to mitigate this significantly.

Thank you for the compliments and I will consider posting this guide to a new thread.

Edit: Also, I should've mentioned in my guide that once you have Sheen and Recurve, you're more or less ready to gank. Don't forget, Udyr is also great for jungling. Try alternating jungling and ganking if your team has enough ranged champs to leave two lanes solo.

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What are your guys' opinion on Guinsoos Rageblade for udyr?

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What are your guys' opinion on Guinsoos Rageblade for udyr?

It's a fantastic item, especially for Phoenix Stance

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Paradox Equation:
I'm no master. I am at level 30 though, and I do play a lot of udyr. My clan can never kill me during our clan practices whenever I play him >=)

I tend to play Udyr for his versatility, but I think he is best when you focus on his offensive capability, however you want to do that.

This is sort of a general guide of things I've learned about udyr. I'm not being completely specific because I want to preserve most of my seekrits >=D


: is almost always bear stance unless I am forced to solo a lane. Then I go turtle instead.

SECOND PICK: If you aren't solo you should go turtle. That lifesteal is great, especially if you get either Doran's Blade (great choice!) or Vamp scepter first. Not to mention that shield will save you from damage and frustrate your opponents. Sometimes the foe will automatically flee if you pop turtle and run towards him, because they overestimate the strength of your shield and think they shouldn't bother attacking. If you did go solo, you should already have turtle, so go bear instead.

NOTE: There are some circumstances where you may want to go TIGER for your second pick. If you level up and are fighting an aggressive pair in your lane, and if can tell you are going to get one of them low HP, the extra atk speed and bonus damage from tiger can nab you an early kill! It certainly has for me plenty of times. I like to reserve allocating that second skill point until I know what I'm really gonna need it for.

PHOENIX: This is Udyr's main source of damage! You want to get this stance to level 3 at least before you raise Tiger at all, if not level 4. It procs every 3rd hit, and by level 4+ you are doing a LOT of damage with that proc, especially if you still have the AP bonus from activating the stance. You want this to be at least 4 by the time you hit lvl 8/9/10

The benefit of lvl 5 tiger stance is significant, but it is best to have by the time you acquire a B.F. sword or some other damage increase. Level 2-4 are what you want by the time you get to mid game. The right build could net you an 800+ dmg tiger strike, but don't expect crazy damage from this skill until you have the right items. Thus, it is better to focus more on this late game. There is a strong case for keeping Tiger and Pheonix stance relatively equal. Tiger's splitting the 3 attacks actually results in MORE damage against an armored target, because I THINK (not sure) that ONLY the primary strike in tiger is considered physical damage. The rest is magic =)

Keep it at 1 until you have maxed everything else, then raise it to 3! All of udyr's active stance powers scale very well with skill level. However, all you get out of bear stance is faster and longer movement bonus. That stun stays at 1 second, no matter the level of the skill. You want to use that stun to interrupt and/or surprise enemies, that is the most useful aspect of bear. Also, popping it and flashing next to a fleeing target will give you that extra moment you need to finish them off. The benefits to your survivability and damage that come from ignoring bear stance after level 1 are highly significant! All it costs you is the loss of a negligible boost to your move speed.

Remember that Udyr is versatile and do not be afraid to put another point or two into Turtle early game if you are laning against a good harasser. Since you're mostly ignoring bear, you can afford to do this if necessary. Work on those reflexes, so you can pop that Turtle shield right before skill shots impact. After all, like all of your stance changes it is instant.


ACTIVE stance buffs (Run speed, tiger strike, ticking fire AOEDOT/Damage boost, Turtle shield) WILL remain and continue to affect Udyr even if you switch stances!
That means you can make some interesting combinations: Initiate with turtle and after 1 hit immediately switch to fire, attack a couple times and switch to tiger: your tiger strikes will be higher dmg from the pheonix buff and the turtle will protect you from their first few attacks while you're in pheonix. When they start to run, hit bear and stun them, then go tiger again. DEY BE DEAD. If they're still fighting hard after a couple seconds of tiger, switch to pheonix and hit 3 times before switching back again (Or bear when they run.)

The reason for this is what I just explained above. Your stance bonuses will carry over into the next stance if you can switch quickly enough. Also you want to have the option to change your stance at any moment. This can save your ass or get you kills. My runebook is 10% cdr, and 19 armor pen. My masteries are 9/0/21, which totals another 24% CDR, 15% spell pen, plus all those tasty mana regen masteries that Udyr REALLY needs.

By the time you get Pheonix up to 4 or 5, which should be early mid game, you will be doing 150-200 bonus damage on every third attack with this stance. This may be a significant chunk of the opponent's health and will elicit an "OH ****" reaction from weaker targets, who will then try to escape. Time for bear! RAWR. Also, bonus points if you decide to fit that Divine Blade or whatever with the 55% attack speed and another damage proc every 4 hits. It will make your phoenix form just that much scarier, and isn't so shabby for Tiger either.

Udyr will suck down mana (ahem) like a small army of prostitutes. Stances cost less mana the higher level they are. This means early game you're going to have to be careful with how often you switch stances. This also makes it necessary to at some point help out your mana supply. Hmm, I wonder how we'll do that...

We've already established that Udyr is very mana starved early game, and that Cooldown Reduction is very important to making the most out of his playstyle. Well, what stopgap measure does everyone have to provide these two stats? GOLEM BUFF! Huge mana regen boost, and 25% CDR. With a suggested mastery build and no cooldown runes, this will cap your cooldown reduction at 40%. That's a big deal folks. People will whine at you when you take the golem buff, but ignore them. Udyr is confusing as a champ and they just don't know what they're talking about.

To answer the op's questions: Yes, you can switch into a stance that you are currently in to gain its active bonus again. If you just switched into that stance, switching into it again will have a longer cooldown than switching into a different stance. Depending on your CDR it is likely you will lose stance actives and your passive bonus if you try to do this. It is better to alternate two or three stances, this will allow you to cast more rapidly and stack more bonuses. You will almost never spam a single stance, that's a bit stoopid.


Udyr spams stances and fights at melee range. Udyr also has some serious mana constraints and is a taaad bit squishy for a melee-ranged fighter. Udyr benefits greatly from Attack speed, and a wee bit of lifesteal definitely doesn't hurt. He has high burst DPS potential from +dmg items due to tiger. Udyr can make an excellent ganker, excellent farmer, and an excellent jungler all simultaneously if played well. He has problems at times against people with slows, long range, or excessive life steal/dps. Beware of tanks that stun.

So assuming we've got CDR from our masteries and/or runebooks, that still leaves us with a lot of strengths to accentuate and weaknesses to accommodate.

This is what works for me:

Lvl 1: Vamp scepter or Doran's Blade. Dorans is great for early survivability and its lifesteal augments your turtle stance very nicely. Vampiric Scepter is good if you're careful and feel like NEVER leaving the lane except to jungle or shop. With that scepter, pop turtle and you can LS back to full from low HP in a surprisingly short amount of time.

You want boots and some attack speed, so naturally go for Zerker's greaves.

You also want SHEEN. Some people might argue with this, but lets face it: +400 mana is great for Udyr, and so is an 80% atk dmg boost after every cast. As Udyr, you will be switching stances every one to three hits against a champ. This will refresh sheen and increase your average damage output more than any equivalently priced damage item.

The order in which you get sheen and the boots is up to you. The greaves are cheaper and provide a significant benefit, but the second you get that mana crystal for sheen it boosts your staying power and helps to make your stances all the more spammable. Alternating with Boots 1, Mana crystal, finish greaves, finish sheen is recommended.

At this point, you face another branching of options for your next item purchase.

RECURVE BOW: +40% attack speed for 1050 gp. This is one of the most gold efficient +atkspeed items, and the moment you acquire it your Phoenix stance becomes much stronger. This item is great for the build, and you can upsize it to Starks if you bought the Vampiric Scepter first. Otherwise you will want to use it to complete Last Whisper.

ZEAL/MALLET/FINISH TRINITY FORCE: I've seen a lot of people say "What the eff? Trinity force? U CRAZY?" However, TriForce is actually ideal for Udyr. You get additional attack speed, crit, HP, base damage, and now your damage bonus after cast goes up to 130%. That's HUGE. This item fleshes out Udyr in all the ways you neeeeeeeeed and adds kill-potential simultaneously. Some games I will finish trinity force before I buy the recurve bow, other games I do it the other way around. Just trust me and give it a try, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

FINISH THE BOW: This is a good point to take your recurve and make it into something else. Last Whisper, Starks, and Divine Sword are all excellent choices. Last Whisper is typically my favorite, it helps you against tanks a great deal.

BF SWORD: This will greatly boost your tiger stance alpha strike, as well as your damage bonus from Sheen/Triforce (80%/130% boost of ~140 base damage is a much bigger bonus!) If you got a vampiric scepter at start, you could upgrade it to Bloodthirster EVENTUALLY, or Infinity Edge if you didn't. I usually add the raw damage to my build last, however.

SUPPLEMENTARY ITEMS: The meat of the build is finished. You should only have 4 out of 6 item slots taken up by now. I recommend picking a survivability item to counter the enemy team best, either Banshee's Veil or Thornmail. With your final slot, more damage or attack speed is probably the way to go. Don't forger, you can and probably should sell that Doran's Blade if you started with it. I like doing that to help me finish Trinity Force faster.


EXECUTIONER'S CALLING: Arguably the Crit chance on this item does not help Udyr a great deal unless you already happen to have some crit chance runes to push it over the top. Though this item was nerfed, it's still extremely useful for one thing: Killing tanks that rely on HP regen, and taking out ANY dps champ that relies on Life Steal to stay alive. This is great Anti Twitch, Anti Mundo, Anti Mordekaiser, etc. Just drag the item into your upper leftmost item slot and hit "1" on your keyboard's number line (not numpad) to "turn it on" right before the fight begins.

MALADY: Attack speed is nice. So is lifedrain! And that little snowballing damage proc on attack is pretty nifty when you count the attack speed bonus from Tiger. Yeah, only the first strike procs stuff, but that first strike is still coming around 60% faster when you're in tiger maxed. Don't forget about tiger's attack speed boost when using any damage proc (Especially lizard buff!)

So there it is, a significant chunk of my knowledge concerning Udyr and what items synergize best with his playstyle. Just don't forget, SPAM THOSE STANCES!

I bolded the only lie. Everything else is very nice.