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Kaza the Kamakazi

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Tainted Karma

Junior Member


I'm not one to think up lore for this character but would love him to be a Yordle. each ability except for his ulti, are similar to Teemo or Akali utl. they have a 1second cooldown but have to 'replenish' the stock.

Passive: his normal attack deal 20% of his AP as AoE magic damage. (his normal attack would be him throwing little bombs)

CD. 1second on cast
CD 15 -10 second for new bomb. stacks x5

Q: Kaza roll a bomb to a target area & explodes. if bomb collides with anything will auto detonate.
this would be similar to Gragas ability except no delay & explodes if it collides with anything.

CD 1 second on cast
CD 20 - 15 seconds for new claymore. stacks x5

W: Kaza sets up a Claymore. deals damage & slows. arms after 1s. last 10min
this is a trap that is position specific. & provides a "cone" of vision. select spell then click & drag for direction of trap. has a larger field of vision then any other traps just in one direction. can be set off by allies. just does no damage to them.

CD 1 second cast
CD 15-10 second for new Grenade. stacks x3

E: Incendiary Grenade. Kaza throws a grenade to a target area. deals damage upfront & ignites the ground & target for 4 seconds. if ignited target steps on ignited ground it refreshes the ignite.

CD 120 seconds all levels

R: Kamakazi: Kaza lives up to his name & ignites his most powerful bomb. After a 5sec delay Kaza expoldes & does massive AoE damage, stuns & applies a Dot Debuff (5 seoncds). Kaza dies once this ability goes off. If no enemy champion with the debuff dies Kaza is revived at the summoner platform with full HP.

please feel free to comment. I was bored at work. I don't know what is best for the damage so I thought I would be best just to leave it out instead of making up crazy numbers.