A necromaner Champion

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abe liclon

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A way to make a champ that sumons pets would be very broken if he can keep doing it all the time because he would never get touched, so you might think hey what if you make it so he can only have on ability that does that. Well i did too but then I thought how booring it it is to only be able to summon one type how little strategy it givers you. So I came up with an idea make his Q W E abilities do attacks or shields or something a caster would do, the make the R ability change the Q W E in to different summons. mabye one a range, one a tank, and one mele assassin or one could and then as you upgrade it they gain more max health and the spell could down goes down a bit.

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A champion that is solely based on summoning pets are very situational. as they can either destroy people or be destroyed themselves.
E.g The Pet champion will dominate at laning
but if they are getting ganked, there isnt much they can do but ghost or flash.