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[It Sounded Better in my Head] Notus, Herald of Change

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Notus is a mage character, so he deals out magic damage and does additional adverse effects with his abilities. I thought of this like 10 minutes ago and I'm trying to get it up here before I forget anything, so please forgive my sloppiness in regards to this post.

Notus, Herald of Change
Role: Mage, Pusher
Resource: Mana

Passive: Casting spells makes Notus move faster.
Q: Notus fires a vacuum blade at his target, dealing damage. This works just like Sona's Hymn of Valor, except that it can have more than 2 projectiles, and if targets are alone they are struck by multiple blades.
W: Notus unleashes a blast of pressurized air in front of him, dealing damage and slowing his victims.
E: Notus erects a shield on himself, which is triggered by the next attack or spell that strikes him. The enemy that triggers the shield takes damage and is silenced for a short duration.
R (Ult): Notus creates four zones that swirl around him. On his command, these zones detonate, dealing damage and slowing those unlucky enough to be inside.

Tell me what you think! If I get a couple thumbs up, I'll refine this into something more organised.