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Katkar: The Transtemporal Troll

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In light of the upcoming release of Vayne i felt the need to post this:




Katkar was one troll out of a particular race of trolls from a dimension not quite like our own. Some would even say that he isn't from this dimension. Unlike the rest of his many colleagues who wielded tremendous power, Katkar never showed any signs of any sort of power beyond his ability to not totally suck with a sickle, and his ability to stand WRITING AS IF HIS SHIFT KEY WAS JAMMED INSIDE HIS KEYBOARD. This situation never quite concerned Katkar however, as oftentimes he was far too busy tending to his first love: YELLING AT HIS FRIENDS OVER THE INTERNET (it would also help to mention that the troll internet is omnitemporal (anything on it exists in all points in time))

Over his many star crossed escapades over the troll internet and a series of completely uninteresting tasks most of which amounted to TYPING IN ALL CAPS UNTIL HE WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPOINTED THE LEADER OF HIS ENTIRE RACE and creating humanity and the universe we now resided in

Though despite his series of completely mundane tasks leading to small insignificant effects and victories, Katkar's life was far from calm. All throughout his life he was haunted by the constant trolling from his arch nemesis: himself from the future (GOD I HATE THAT GUY!) And if that were not enough Katkar had to constantly contend with the utter stupidity and ignorance of what he had previously done as past Katkar (WHAT A ******!).

One day while trolling his past self about how dumb he is, one particular low blow from his future self had pushed Katkar over the edge. Though present Katkar withstood one creative insult after another, he would never allow future him to call present him a "NOOB AT LEAGUE!"

And so now Katkar roams the fields of justice in order to prove his LEET SKILLZ to future Katkar so that when they finally meet on the battlefield, Katkar can show future Katkar who the real "NOOB" is!


*note: Katkar will have no mana, only cooldowns BECAUSE ONLY WEAK HUMANIOD LARVAE VOMIT BABIES USE MANA


Passive: f*** this s***
whenever Katkar falls bellow 50% hp he gains an extra 6% movement speed

Q Ability: QQ (cd: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds)

Katkar accuses the enemies' mothers of being various unflattering things dealing 60/80/100/120/140 + (0.5 ability power) + (0.2 attack damage) in magic damage and slowing enemies 10% in a cone

W Ability: CAPS LOCK (cd: 11 seconds)

Because Katkar understands that CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL his awesome and completely litterate EPIC COOLNESS causes his target to be at a loss for words (silenced) for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds and Katkar gains (+5/7/9/11/13/15% ability power) and (+2/4/6/8/10% attack damage)

E Ability: Omnitemporal Spam Bomb/Be the other guy (cd: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds)

Because future Katkar thinks HES SOOOOO FUNNY (HINT: HE ISNT) he launches a delayed spam bomb onto a target area dealing 80/120/160/200/240 + (0.8 ability power) in magic damage. Once the bomb lands, future Katkar appears at it's epicenter for 3 seconds and begins to attack the nearest unit (friend or foe). While future Katkar is in this timeline KatKar can activate this ability again to "be the other guy" and become future Katkar (essentially flashes to his location)

R Ability (Ultimate): Start New Memo/Ban (cd: 150/120/90 seconds)

Katkar is sick of everybody's shenanigans and wipes the slate clean by starting a new memo. Katkar can place a "line" at long range not to be crossed which lasts for 20 seconds. the first enemy that crosses the line receives a -70% movement speed, blind, and silence debuff and become visible to all allies across the map for 6 seconds. The line disappears after an enemy crosses it. While the debuff is still effecting an enemy Katkar can activate this ability again to ban the player from the memo. Banning a player will remove the debuff but automatically deal 300/450/600 + (0.7 Ability power) + (1.0 attack damage) in magic damage to the effected enemy.

if you've enjoyed this little rant i went on, but had no idea what i was talking about read this: