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Sir Bendelton Revlover, Esquire

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Sir Bendelton Revlover, Esquire

He wears a tux and has a VERY LARGE revolver and umbrella.

He is a Melee Based character attacking mainly with his umbrella.

Passive: Dead mans Glare: every 12 attacks his next spell
causes a 3 second 35% slow to all it hits

Ability one: Full Metal Jacket: fires 3 times in an arc
sweeping from left to right and each bullet does
50+AD in a short straight line to all it hits.
LvL 1: 3 times, 50+(AD), 8 sec CD
LvL 2: 4 times, 65+(AD), 7 sec CD
LvL 3: 5 times, 90+(AD), 7 sec CD
LvL 4: 6 times, 120+(AD), 6 sec CD
LvL 5: 7 times, 200+(AD), 6 sec CD

Ability two: Umbra-Sheild : Open's his umbrella in front
of him Sheilding himself for 50+(A.P.) damage,
if his shield isnt used up it heals him for remaining
sheild power.
LvL 1: 50+(AP), 10 sec CD
LvL 2: 100+(AP), 10 sec CD
LvL 3: 150+(AP), 9 sec CD
LvL 4: 200+(AP), 9 sec CD
LvL 5: 250+(AP), 8 sec CD

Ability Three: Hook-Bella: Hooks and enemy unit and pulls
himself into it dealing 50+(A.D.) damage.
LvL 1: 50+(AD), 15 sec CD
LvL 2: 90+(AD), 14 sec CD
LvL 3: 140+(AD), 13 sec CD
LvL 4: 220+(AD), 12 sec CD
LvL 5: 350+(AD), 11 sec CD

ULT: The FanBrella: He Floats down on his umbrella, In a
circle, fanning his revolver 8 times, dealing 100+(A.D.)
LvL 1: 100+(AD), 120 sec CD
LvL 2: 250+(AD), 105 sec CD
LvL 3: 500+(AD), 90 sec CD

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Remove the gun, just make him use an umbrella. That would make me super happy. make him old too.