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What DPS champion should I try?

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Thanks for your well explained advice. It is really what I was looking for. Right now I’m compelled to either Warwick or AP Sion. I have read guides on both of them but not sure which guides are the best out there. Since you come across as an intelligent player could you point me to the guides that you think are especially good?

I think my current runes are already good for a jungling Warwick. For AP sion I can indeed get the magic pen marks and was thinking about switching the dodge seals for mana regen/18 seals. Having 18 mana regen runes should be giving me lots and lots of mana regen from runes...

Other questions I have:
1. I’m summoner level 28... is this high enough to easily jungle as Warwick without the need for smite?
2. Most AP Sion builds seem to lack any form of health regen/ life steal. How do you survive early lane harrassment?

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I would have to say Pantheon as you are strategically aware of the map and surroundings. His ult is amazing at forcing the opposing team out of position once you have the targeting and timing of it down, and makes an excellent tool for just showing up to help finish off a tough fight.

I can't count the number of times just dropping in on an enemy champ at full life and killing them before they could respond.

the tricky part of pantheon is learning his ult and when to use it. Pantheon is not ment to initiate fights. He is ment to finish them.