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Singed Build

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Singed is a tank or mage tank

Someone can build him with a lot of AP but I prefer tanking. So I'm asking ideas and opinions on Singed TANK build.

I must stress this point first. When I say RUSH an item, I don't mean literally RUSH. If you think you need a health potion or two, you would buy it in between RUSHING an item. If you feel you need more survibility by movement speed, then buying some boots in between RUSHING an item would still be considered as RUSHING that item.

First Question would be, is it better to stack Health on Singed (like Warmog) or Armor/Magic Resist?

For example, would you rather rush a Warmog first, or rush some Armor/Magic Resist that would go against the current team.

Example of Armor/Magic Resist
Nuker/Stunners - Get Banshee's Viel
Nukers or Magic DPS or something - Get Force of Nature
Physical DPS - Warden's Mail or Thornmail?

Second Question, would you rush a Rod of Ages first instead?

Rod of Ages give some AP that is beneficial to poison trail and the toss. Also give some health (which is good) and valuable mana. I personally like to have poison trail almost 100% on.

Another thing to consider here is, if there are lots of stunners, a Banshee's Viel might be needed. The Mana from that might be enough. So Rod of Ages is only for AP. Is that AP really that useful?

Third Question A, if you rushed a Warmog first, then afterwards would be boots and Armor/Magic Resist/Guardian Angel, depending on what you need. This is the typical standard correct?

Third Question B, if you rushed Armor/Magic Resist first. The next thing would probably be some sort of health? Since little health + lots of Armor/Magic Resist still isn't that useful. But enormous amount of reduced damage is also very appealing. Would Banshee's Viel's health bonus be sufficient and just stack more Armor/Magic Resist or would something like Warmog be really neccessary?

Third Question C, if you rushed Rod of Ages first. And you are needed to get Banshee's Viel too. That gives quite a bit of Health. I think that would solve all mana and health problems and only need to stack Armor/Magic Resist right?

I suppose the main question I'm asking is, Which is better: stacking more health or more Armor/Resist?

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I play Singed as an HP Tank and rush a RoA, get Speed 3 Boots (If you can't run someone down you're useless) then get another RoA. Singed farming skills means this is a breeze for him, and the AP from 2 RoAs makes your poison trail wipe out a creepwave in no time flat.

After that you should have ~3k hp. If you're HARD tanking grab a Warmog's, but if you're the Pusher on the team grab an Atma's. You'll melt towers and the Regen from your Ult means you can easily backdoor.

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In serious games, rushing one way or the other too early won't help you much. Being versatile is key.

Personally- I always grab +200 mana and 2 health pots first. Take tele and ghost. Play defensive until you have fling. Never underestimate the mana to health boost that singed gets from his passive- and take advantage of poor positioning on the other teams part.

The way pathing doesn't work in this game sometimes makes it very important for you to have a straight shot at your opponent for a clean fling. Pretend it's a skill shot that launches you in the direction of your target. Pop gas, ghost, fling- profit.

By level 5 (third rank of gas) you should be able to farm the creep waves with little risk to yourself (this varies on lane comp, but if you let them push your creeps it is easy vs anyone).

Once you have the money for a catalyst, return to base, buy and port back to your lane if your lane partner can't handle it- if he can, find a lane that is being pushed and gas it up.

The next item you will want is boots- I prefer static run 3. You should be leveling fast enough for cata to keep you up as long as you are playing smart.

After those two items, take a look at the team comp vs how they are coming in levels. If there are weak players you can farm- build another cata and wait till later to specialize. ALWAYS KEEP ONE CATA- don't turn your only good source of lane staying into an item... build another cata if you want a banshees.

Playing ganks off cata when close to level can turn you some serious profit. MR and armor should be a later game concern unless you are for some reason getting focused by whichever.

When you play singed right- you should have more creep kills than anyone on your team, and plenty of money to buy items. If you get underleveled and notice one pass of your gas (lol) won't kill a creep wave- invest in a rod as it will give you a static increase over time. If you are playing well and getting kills, I suggest a Mejai's.

You should be fast enough to not worry about dying until late game/ mide game team fights.

But this type of play isn't for everyone- I run 3% rs mastery and 4.5% rs in book- combined with rs 3 boots, ghost and ult- no one will catch you. And if they do- all that mana you have should allow you to always have your gas on post lvl 11- fling them and run the other way... You are almost assured to make it out

tldr: Stack mana/health early game- augment it mid game with whatever is making it hard for you to pwn.