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[Champion Suggestion] Javal, the Warden of Leylines

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Javal, the Warden of Leylines

Roles: Melee, Ranged, Assassin, Carry, Pusher, Displace, Slow, Stun, Haste

HP: Medium
Mana: Medium
Range: Medium
AP: Medium
AD: Medium
Movement: Medium
Attack Speed: Medium
MR: Medium
Armor: Medium

Fight Anywhere (Innate): Javal is a master ranger and as such can attack from any distance. When a targeted enemy is within a certain distance he switches to his twin blades that do two quick strikes, dealing bonus damage equal to 15/30/45/60% of your attack damage. Outside of that range, Javal pulls out his bow and fires arrows that deal bonus damage equal to 25/50/75/100% of your ability power.

Leyline Manifestation (Stream/Circle): (Passive) For ranged target, a blue line of energy traces the ground from Javal to his quarry decreases their movement and attack speed by 5/10/15/20/25%. For melee target, a circular pattern of leylines appear around Javal increasing his movement and attack speed by 5/10/15/20/25%.

Phase Shot/Blink Strikes: (Active) For ranged target, Javal short cuts an arrow through the planes teeming with magical energy (30/60/90/120/150% ability power as damage, 25% less damage for each subsequent enemy hit) and possessing the power of a point blank shot (pierces through 1/2/3/4 enemies). For melee target, Javal blinks rapidly in area around himself attacking all foes (20/40/60/80/100% of your attack damage) taking advantage of their surprise (increased crit chance of 10/20/30/40/50%).

Scatter to the Edge/Pull through the Rift: (Active) For a ranged target, pulls (teleports) the target to Javal and causes them to wander around confused and unable to adequately defend themselves (lowers armor of the target) for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. For a melee target, Javal explodes with magical energy shoving (teleporting) all nearby enemies out of melee range and dealing 40/80/120/160/200% of your ability power divided by the number of enemies pushed.

Blur the Lines/Plane Form (Ultimate): (Passive) Constantly flickering between Runeterra and the leylines making himself more elusive (10/15/20% chance to dodge) and more capable of punishing the mistakes of his quarry (Each dodged attack is immediately counterattacked). (Active) Javal fully engulfs himself in the undercurrents of the magic making himself impossible to hit (100% to dodge), and allowing him to effortlessly get through his foes defenses (Attacks do true damage) for 6 seconds.

Background: Survival was the one aspect of his existence that afforded Javal his status before the Rune Wars commenced. The “Darkwood Reaper”, as he came to be known as, destroyed any enemy scouts unfortunate enough to be in his way and was at the front of guerilla hit-and-run tactics for the supply lines. Making his way quickly between the battlefronts to significant outposts to update the war commanders on the ever-advancing enemy forces, his determination and unyielding spirit kept the scales of war from tipping into the waiting arms of the chaotic forces bent on desecrating the very power nodes of Valoran magic. Thus, when the time came for the collective magical might of the defenders to synergize their powers and form the Great Barrier, the war commanders entrusted Javal with the task of forever guarding those assaulted leylines. From that day forth, the Javal left his colorful moniker of death behind

For his service, the lithe ranger was granted the gifts of immortality and the ability to control/traverse the undercurrents of magic as long as the Great Barrier remained. The new warden diligently patrolled each site for centuries, assuring that the protective magic created long ago were not disturbed. And they weren’t…..until recently. Random creatures and dark entities began to find their way to the leylines as if drawn by an unseen force. They came for many years and he dispatched the encroaching threats fiercely. Finally, an emissary of the goodly folk of Ionia stumbled into his domain badly injured. Upon tending to the ravaged traveler, Javal learned that these “Voidborn” were attempting to sunder the barriers between realms in order to come across and gorge themselves on magic. Knowing that the nexus points would eventually become the main target of those ebon forces, the Warden of the Leylines decided the time had come to seek out those that sought to corrupt his charge in order to protect the rest of Valoran from what lies not only beyond the Great Barrier of Valoran but of the dimensional barriers of Runeterra itself. It wasn’t long after his departure that Javal heard of the League and of a creature by the name of Cho-Gath.

“A warden needs something to ward. A reaper something to reap.” - Javal

Appearance: Fey-like features (pointy ears, bright colorful eyes, pale skin). Eyes are glowing blue with magical energy and runes can be seen in them. Two longswords are on his belt and a bow on his back. Dark brown armor and leggings with golden etchings and inscriptions. A golden cape. Light orange hair to contrast his blue eyes.

Note: I just came up with this on the fly. Not more than an hour of thought. Please give suggestions for improvements.

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Edited the ultimate and wanted to say that the numbers for the ability power and attack damage bonuses are subject to change. I will eventually add the range, flat rate damage, stats, and cooldown lengths of the moves.