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[Champion Suggestion] Nemhain the Alpha Prioress

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Rawr@shadow of time, where I'm trying to avoid that XD

And yes, Elixia, the concept is basically to be a tank that works by being up in yeur face and smacking enemies constantly. The current tanks just kind of don't have quite as persistent of an effect about them, other than Leona, and she doesn't quite have the feel I'm looking for =3

Anyway, I've been meaning to work on her some more for some time. I just came up with a neatish idea for a remake of her ultimate a few minutes ago (though it'll need some serious refinement).

New ultimate concept:

Marks an allied champion as being protected by Nemhain, splitting up to 30/40/50% of damage the marked target takes from all sources with Nemhain for up to 12 seconds with a 12 second delay between casts on a single target. If the marked target is damaged for 25% or more of their total health, matronage has it's cooldown removed and it's next cast is free. If Nemhain dies, or she casts it on another target, the mark and all benefits are lost.

The passive would remain the same, no cooldown as usual. The idea is to further force the idea of having an enemy want to attack Nemhain over her charges, and giving her the ability to keep a single ally of her choosing alive at all costs, but it makes her that much easier to kill.

I'm going to need to tweak it considerably, obviously, but it's a neat concept I think and really helps reinforce the "pissed off mother bear" kinda feel =P

I think I'm going to severely simplify her skillset as well so that they're much more basic and easy to understand. I'll see about gutting her other abilities in the near future.

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Shadow of Time



Just noting the general characteristics, in other words, a general observation. Aside from that, your back

Note: This sounds like the spirit walker from Warcraft 3, sharing the damage.