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Nunu - AP/Tank vs AD/Tank?

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AD Nunu might be somewhat viable, but why fight the uphill battle to make him into a different role than intended when you could just pick a champion like Nasus, Renekton, or Xin Zhao who are intended to fill that role? If you go AD on Nunu, you're wasting the great AP ratios on his spells in order to deal damage with Blood Boil. Whereas, if you go AP, you're making use of all his spells, and you're not sacrificing the effectiveness of Blood Boil since it has no ratios. Basicallly, I think Blood Boil is on Nunu to support your carry, give yourself mobility for positioning and counter-jungling, and to proc his passive. I don't think it's given to him for the purpose of building AD. Essentially, it's like building Janna AD, which can work, but just because she has one ability that makes her attacks stronger doesn't mean she was ever meant for that role - it's there to support the team. You can make AD work with pretty much any champion with a reasonably short basic attack animation because all champions' basic attacks scale 1:1 with AD (for example, I have even seen an Anivia go AD carry build and finish the game at around 7 / 1 / 10).