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[GUIDE] Anark's today GangPlank

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Runes :

BLUE : anything can work, but i got the best result using Cooldown by lvl [8.62%]

Mostly exactly the runes you need to be 100% crit while getting survivability and damage, lately i used the 3% walk speed instead of Armor Pen, not much difference

Mastery : 21/9/0

pretty standard offensive build, make sure you get 2% crit and the crit damage

in defensive, 2 armor,2 MR, 4 x dodge , 1x nimbleness.

I cant count the number of times the 8% dodge saved my ass.

End game items :

Trinity,FoN,Phantom,IE,Atmas,Warmogs [ you can reach that far in about 1 game out of 10]

you end with 3400 life 300 damage 100% crit trinity proc on parley about 120/120 in each resist. Remember no life leach so please dont try to 1v1 master yi, even fed. Parley on a squishie for about 1300 1350 since the nerf.

Dont try to replace Force of nature by banshee, the 8% speed is mandatory, you end at 450 which is quite nice for a no boot build.

Summoner Spell :

I use flash+ teleport like 75% of the times, flash is mandatory( remove scurvy + flash = free out of jail card)
BUT PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR TEAM, if there is no ignite replace teleport by ignite, same for exhaust.

Skills order :
R>Q>E>W : make sure you get w at lvl 2. Never heal with scurvy outside laning phase, keep it for hard CCs

1. Start with either regrowth pendant or 2 x faerie charm.
2. if you started with regrowth pendant as soon as you get 400 go get philo stone, you are usually running out of mana when youre about 450g.
3. Teleport back.
4. Farm 800 gold and go get a second philo stone, now youre probably 1 lvl under every1 but you can lane forever with 45 health regain and 20 mana regain. You will usually keep them the whole game. I usually go back at 875 to amke sure i get a ward.
5.If u manage to get 2 or more kills, you skip the boots, otherwise go buy ionian or Mercs( only on really heavy cc team, anyway you got remove scurvy)
6.next you rush phantom ( you usally get it and laning pahse isnt even over)
7. NOW this is the part where you go depending on the other team, heavy AD, get atmas first( starting with critical always), Heavy magic Negatron then FON(!!!!), if your team manage to dominate and thing goes well you can rush infinity, if you skipped the boots get another zeal.
8. Now well you keep going with your items, remember 2 things, first youre a semi-glass cannon the biggest part of the game, if you cant manage to play one go play another build. Secondly, if you face a 3-4-5 Tank or tanky team, you replace trinity by last whisper ( you still end with 85%) and you buy it right after phantom( YES BEFORE IE, this is the part where every1 get 100 to 150 armor)
8b) by the way if you fight a tanky team, you get tanky very soon not at the end. From my experience a team of carry building enough tanky will pawn any tank team, tank wont be able to damage them enough.

Remember you never sell your philostone unless you got no room left,and needs the gold to replace for another item,
ex: you ahve IE, phantom, Ionians, philo x 2,and atmas and you have 2600 gold, you can now sell philo and buy warmogs at 3000. You sell boots at the end when you have 3300 G to get trinity.

At the end of game go looks gold( graphics), if youre not first, youre doing it wrong. I usually end the richer 95% of games.

I play Gp since a long long time, for real he got nerfed, but hes still viable, its very very rare i end with a bad score with him ( well im in the 1400s) No more denying hurt him, pre-nerf with 2 philostone it was denying everytime its up and last hit with parley for more gold pretty much op.

So its time to practice him while hes UP until they tweak the numbers a little.

thank you for your feedbacks. Before saying im a noob try it

[EDIT] i forgot, dont hesitate to use raise moral to help some1 escaping , the range on it is HHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGe Almost as big as screen( from center)

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Bumping for a friend, although you should give more thorough input on the ingame playthrough as the stages progress from early, to mid, to late, ect.