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About Fiddle Sticks

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


Here's my guide it's a side lane method (not mid lane) and usually guarantee's that you will get plenty of kills.

Start with
Rejuvenation Bead
Fearie Charm

After get these items in order...
Haunting Guise
Sorcery Boots
Then go for any particular AP or Magic Pen. items...
I personally go for Mejai's Soul Eater, Rylai's Scepter and Zhonya's as a "must have item"
Lastly, any remaining items can be you're personal choice of play, such as banshee veil, abysall scepter, deathfire grasp, or whichever item you want.

Gameplay style.
Prioritize Drain over fear and get Crowstorm (you're ultimate) whenever you can.
Whenever an enemy comes too close simply cast fear + drain.
This method works really really great, it deals tons of damage and almost always can give you an easy kill.
If an enemy is actually dumb enough to tower dive you this method works brilliantly.
(Simply wait at you're tower when you have low health when they come close to bash you just hit em with you're combo and just laugh as you regain all you're hp and deal damage to them while the tower also kills them)

When ganking an enemy team, make sure that the opposing team is either incredibly dumb, or squishy. If this happens to not be the case make sure you're allies can back you up.

To gank, cast crowstorm, then cast fear on the most lethal enemy, (preferably anyone with burst damage such as Ryze or any type of CC abilities. Then simply cast drain on that specific enemy. In most cases simply standing in that same spot and not moving can cause you to get an easy kill or two. If they all run however, simply chase after them and cast fear + drain again going in for that last kill on an enemy champion.

For summoner spells go for Flash + Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance can alot of times help you kill enemies that you cannot see. For example, in situations where you think there is an entire enemy team hiding in a bush you can always cast clairvoyance and then use that to you're advantage so that you can kill them all with you're ultimate.

Here is a pro tip from myself...

This strategy involves ALOT of skill and is very difficult master but it's incredibly funny because not even high ELO players will see it coming.

For this you need at least a couple stacks in Mejais (in short, alot of Ap) and definitely Rylai's Scepter.

First distance yourself away from the enemy team so that they are about 1.2 screens away (hard to explain, but basically the distance from one side of the game to the other when fully zoomed out.) Then, cast you're ultimate as close as possible to the enemy team without moving. (I know it sounds stupid but if you click outside the range circle you will move out of you're bush, or hiding apot, and you will most likely die) . Then as soon as you finish channeling, as quickly as you can cast Flash right beside the enemy team(use hotkeys, they were made for a reason!).
As most people know, when you hear a "distinct sound" it means Fiddlesticks is casting his ultimate and that you better run. Using this method however allows you to be at such a far distance so that they cannot even know that you're coming! Think about Fiddlesticks ultimate like a "second" flash spell.

Anywho for runes I go with

Magic Pen
Armor --> 18
Magic Resistance --> 18

Now the reason for the defense is because i primarily main alistar, but furthermore, Fiddlesticks is a "get up close" type of caster champion and needs to be really close to enemy champions for him to cast his spells, so some small defense can really help.

In summary
Summoner Spells
Flash + Clairvoyance
Haunting Guise
Sorcery Boots
Mejai's Souleater
Rylai's Scepter
Zhonya's Ring
Last item si you're choice though.
If you have extra money just replace the Haunting Guise with another Zhonay's Ring or something...
Max Drain over Fear and get Crowstorm (your ultimate) whenever you can. Save Darkwind for last.

1)Cast Crowstorm
2)Cast fear
3)Cast drain
4) Profit

If an enemy is far away use your ultimate's teleport and Flash consecutively to make a huge leap across a map area.

If an enemy dps unit comes close to you and you have lowish health casting fear can help "distract" them for those crucial 3 seconds!

If an enemy is running away make sure to use Fear so they can't run!

Even if you are draining an enemy and they cast stealth.....you're still draining thier health so just sit back, relax and wait until you see that they're either dead, or they have gotten out of you're drain range.

Remember, at level 5, Drain heals +160 hp per second......and deals +160 damage per second....its an offensive and defensive tool...


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Senior Member


Thank you everyone for helping me playing fiddle. I will try every build posted here, and use the same tactics you mentioned, and see if they help me. I kinda like the Tank fiddlesticks build, just cuz i luv tanks <3

Well, and again, thank you guys (:

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None of the AP builds mentioned translates well into high level play. Stick with the tank guide because it's the best one.

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Well hello everyone. First off, ive always been a hige MMO fan. some friend intruduced me to DoTA a while ago, and i also liked its style, but didnt really play it much. Recently i read about this game on a magazine, and decided to give it a shot. well, i must say its extreme fun

Now i had decided to gather enoughIP so i could buy FiddleSticks, but well, it became avaible this week, so i got to try it a bit. And i must say i really like to play it, its great fun

Now ive been using some guide i found here in the forums that makes fiddlesticks kinda of a tank, with high armor and all. It has been kinda working, but the guide is also kinda old, so i was hoping someone could tell me any sugestions about specific items, and tactics i should use. And also, skill build. About the masteries and runes, well, currently i'm still lv 7 so they don't really matter much to me, but hey, any help would be appreciated

Hey cuz i got ap runes at 18 i get 85 bonus + masteries i can get 102 at lvl 18 bonus i dont need ap right off the bat my first item is usually Shee veil makes me rape hardcore cuz negates most ppl amazing vs ryze. After that boots than rod of ages than mercury boots with this ur about 120 magic ress u dont have to worry about phys def cuz usually ppl who are melee **** up when attacking u with fear silence + u got a tank just worry about other casters. By that time u should be owning hard make sure u get a mejais soulstealer whenever its rly easy to get 20 stacks with fiddle if u got ghostrun/flash