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Seeking Advice with Melee champs

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Specifically Melee carries/auto-attackers.

I'm not sure how the playstyle works. Last Hitting is very difficult due to the lack of range. Anyone with a ranged stun ruins your day. Scion, Kennen, Taric...stun and whack.
Ranged CC in general ruins you as well.

There are times when I get through the laning phase ok, even then, I have trouble with the mid-late game. I just lack the survivability and I always get focused down quickly. Even if I'm playing a tankier character like Xin (as opposed to Yi).
I try to let my tank initiate before I charge in when I play the squishier ones, but I just end up dying to AoE and various forms of CC.

So I'm looking for advice from anyone who plays melee characters like Yi, Xin, Irrelia, Trynd even. People who don't even have a ranged attack to LH with or don't have a stun or CC to get away with.

The closest thing I've been successful at playing with are Kat but she has a ranged ability for LH, and shunpo which is for closing and escaping, and Shen who has vorpal is really tanky and has superior burst and has a dash to close and escape.

So, any advice would be helpful.