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Ez build?

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Happy Guerrilla



What's a good item build for Ez?

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Senior Member


I have over 500 games with Ez, I'm pretty good with him if you wanna add me I can help you out in game too, but this is my build.

Red-armor pen
Quints-Armor pen
Yellow-Mana regain/lvl
Blue-Mana regain/lvl or CDR (I like the mana)

Dorans blade
BF sword
Black Cleaver
Banshees Veil or Bloodthirster
Which ever you didn't get.

The order you build everything should change depending on the match. Sometimes I rush SHeen after wriggles. Sometimes Black cleaver, sometimes I do it how I listed. If they have 3 or more champion with 150+ armor get Last whisper instead of Black cleaver.

Items of note that can work- Gunblade, Infinity Edge (if you want more AA damage), Early Brutalizer into Ghostblade (lots like this, I don't most of the time since the BF sword changes, rushing a BF sword is just too easy not to do).

Throw in red+green pots mid and late game.

When you get wriggles make sure you use it to counter jungle. It is really good. You can ward and flash over and steal their blue buff from mid in about 8 seconds, if you know their jungler is still going B or is top ganking go ahead and take his buffs. It works all the time. Also if you are on bottom (blue team) flashing over, stealing a quick dragon from relative safety and flashing back over works all the time, just make sure you ward the river bush and know where their team is, smart players will send 1 person behind you to catch you when you flash back over.

My build largely compliments my counter jungling and aggressive play style with Ezreal, although it can work for anyone. Try it out, works wonders.