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Malz Guide (tips and 'what' to)

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Hi, iv 'e seen many people who need help with malzahar, so im just going to go over items(build), skills, and how I play him.(guide for n0obs oki)?

for noobs ill explain the basics, or the basis of the game:
you MUST last hit, everything, dont every auto attack, which mean you sit back and let your champion do all the attacking. KS your minions.
It is understandable if you auto attack during your level one visions, as so your 4 second effect of it can jump to another minion.
But if it should ever go on cooldown, or if it hasnt jump to another minion, last hit!
hardest part of the game: Farming
Farming always > killing, 300g or 10 minion,your pick
A pro farmer makes a strong champ, which assists you to be fed, which ends you with you being a beast, and win....yay?
Of course that isnt everything in this game: but heed me.

Your first skill should actually be visions(E)
reason: silence is generally bad for laning, and is only good if your team is rounding up for an early first blood(like they do in high elo ranked). And it's only real use? to save up spell charges for a voidling,
If you happen to miss this skill, especially in lane, your just begging to get hit

So vision: early mp, build pre cuation, great skill to have around if you can keep the visions rollin, can be use from a distance if your not going to commit to a specific position.

2Visions(E), 2 silence(Q)
,1 NullZone(W), and ultimate
Level Ultimate whenever possible(duh')
Max E ASAP, then silence, then nullzone

-Nullzone's real use of damage is only if your enemy team is dumb enuff to try to fit thier little brains inside the small circle. It does hurt late game as the % in damage can greatly damage a tank, especially in a team fight, as hes not gonna move back or he'll risk exposing his/her teamates.
-Your standard Combo, NullZone,Visions,Ulti, ignite, and if and when they survive to run away, lead with silence.
Note:-Your ultimate has an amazing AP ratio
-You can cast your ultimate AND ignite without interrupting the channal
- Be careful not to move if not nessesary as you will break your own ultimate
- Using your ultimate while they are in nullzone will allow your nullzone to crush your enemy ;D

I generally start off with a sappire crystal, i see no need to get AP, as you WILL pay for that in lane. You need the MP just incase you visions doesnt jump, and you can recooperate more max MP if your low.
I try to rush a catalyst to get the HP and Mp right off the bat
And it helps greatly with laning-period.
Rush a Deathcap
Reason: you dont need mp, stalk down thier minions and get it back.
With a catalyst you should have around 1000mp+
more then enough to run your standard combo once(which by the way, kills full hp champs if you can pull it off, but only champions like twistedfate or ashe, even other mages)
so far:
Level one boots(no need to rush this)
get Rod of Ages, so your not a glass cannon
Finish boots of Socery
A rylai for the extra HP( your visions does DoT, meaning the slow effect from rylai will refresh itself for every tick of damage)
Your 6th item can be anything of your choice, just dont get Arcangel staff.
A Zhonya hourglass if your rocking the house! woot woot-.....no? k

Things not to do:
Use visions on a champion with full hp, especially if your alone in early game(until level 6 that is) this will spare me from my brain hurting and your MP bar. Remember, one way of minion is 666x better then makin an effort to harass your enemy.

DONT spam,use your MP wisely, even if your full, getting vision to do the work for you can lead to havoc. This goes more melle DPS players too, your a DPS, use braincells to calculate when to wisely use it.

In team fight:
Dont hit tanks, duh, UNLESS the squashys are retreating, then just let your team savagely beat up the tank. In that cas ejust ultimate the tank.

Dont try to run to hit the squashies in the back
this is the general position

Your Team: Thier team:
Squashies(mage,range)--DPS MELEE-TANK(vs) TANK- DPS-Squashies

where you running? into a wall(tank), DPS (which if you get close to them or if they close in on you, you deserve to die, period), or by the time you reach the back to cast w.e it is, you wish you had flash.

Magic Penetration: around 10, with boots of socery, you can get 30, which will allow you to do full damage to most champtions
-----HOW M PENENTRATION WORKS-----wit 30 magic penetration
Renekton has 40 magic resist, you basiclly just minus the magic resist by 30
Meaning you are now doing your damage to an enemy who has less magic resist(in this case, 10)
note: you should see this as an increase to your minimal damage, not your maxinum, thats for your AP. but whats the point if you have more AP, doesnt do much i they have tons of magic resist, bad if your skill has less thwn 100% AP ratio. (your ultimate has more then 100%, say you have 300 ap, the +damage in green will exceed 300 damage and will do around 400-500)
M Pen runes>Flat AP runes
AP per level> M Pen runes IN LATE GAME

back to the topic >.> ( type too much to throughly explain why)
M PEN, hp per level or flat health
you can opt for some speed runes and mana regeneration.
Ive seen a full speed rune ryze walk around like a boss and gank better then eve...which is funny...(dont do itttt)
Please remeber-Mark is for offensive runes, so get M pen for it(or i it better for glyphs)
Seal for utility, which can be speed or even AP per level and HP
Glyphs are great for AP
QUINTESSESE(typo): recommend damage runes

Summoner Spells:
Ghost or flash, or both if your uncomfortable in high ELO games

get AP per level, cooldown and the 15% m.pen
the 15% m pen makes a mage, a mage
21 in utility with 3Health/mana regen, 1 in death timer, 4 in EXP, 3 in max MP, 3 in mp/hp regen, 3 speed, 3 cooldown reduction, 1 on the last one.

my pro tip of the year!?:
i heard Cottontail Teemo taste like rat, rabbit and fuzzy stuff....ELIMINATE IT BEFORE YOUR TEAM GETS THERE!
eitherway: my IGn is moonboy,(dont invite )
i got like 60 co-ai as farming by the way and has played for like over a year now

Hope you enjoy my guide and find it useful. All 'pun' are unintentional btw >;d~
all comments and constructive criticism welcome.
i dont claim to know everything, thank you, look foward to future guides :3
you dont need to do any of the following

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*I find it interesting that you repeatedly say you do not need MP, yet you have SO much of it. I find that having ability power early is more effective at returning mana via vision being more effective at clearing minion waves thus returning more mana. Instead of going saphire crystal -> catalyst, try Dorans Ring -> rank 1 boots -> Hextech Revolver -> Upgrade Boots to Sorc shoes -> Hp item. This gives you a nice AP bump to clear minion waves to return your mana, spell vamp to return health giving you great lane staying capability, and a decent amount of HP. You can also later turn the hextech revolver into a Will of the Ancients giving yourself and your team additional AP and spell vamp. Very nice imo.

* You should PICK ONE of the health items you have listed. There is no need for a RoA, a Rylai's, AND a Banshees Veil. If you position yourself properly, and have a decent team to protect you, you can survive very well with ONE hp item (BV, Rylais, Rod) and spell vamp. IMO, BV or Ryalis is the best choice: BV can protect your ult from being interrupted against high CC teams, or Ryalis provides additional CC and utility via the slow it provides.

* Runes - not quite sure exactly what your final rune page looks like. I like to run:
Reds: 9 x magic pen
Yellow: 9 x Mana regen per level
Blue: 3 x magic pen, 6 x AP per level
Quint: 3 x AP per level

It's a little glass cannon with this setup, but like i said earlier, with positioning and a decent team to support you it is better to focus on maximum damage output and lane staying ability (which this rune page provides).

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Also might be important to note in your guide that ignite has a LONGER RANGE than your ult, so using it at max range of your ult WILL BREAK YOUR CHANNEL. Sure you can use ignite during your ult, just make sure you're close enough. When i first started playing Malz I did this several times and screwed myself royally.

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You should revise the not to do of using visions on full hp targets to using it on full hp champs w/o a voidling charged.

I agree with Untz that you have too many hp items, although that fault could be because of running ignite instead of a second escape spell.(I've never found malz lacking in damage enough to run ignite more than the ease of dieing on him due to CC or a mistake in positioning.)

My personal style is to abuse Malz's pushing power by building a lich bane. Towers simply evaporate when you have a voidling out and can order+space spells out properly. If they only send one to stop you, he dies. If they send more, you kite with the combination of rylai's and lich bane's speed inc.

Going off what Untz said also, SV is a very useful tool while laning. However later in the game, imo, if the carries by enough MR to warrant a Void staff, the revolver/WotA is the first to go.(just have to play more outside the fight and time your combo "better&quot

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Do you really need a guide to play malz? :O
His playstyle is very straightforward, just press all the buttons and click them on ONE target and it will die.