Nidalee Help

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I recently added Nidalee to my pool of Champions, but I am somewhat confused.

1) How should I build her? I usually builld straight AP. Please point out specific items such as a Lich Bane or Deathcap if they are necessary.

2) Where should I play her? Is she even a viable support?

3) How should I play laning phase? Poke spears? Go aggresive cougar? I first played a Syndra on mid and got completely destroyed.

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1. That really depends on your play style. I build her AD with some tanky items, but AP can work too. I could see void staff, liandries, iceborn gauntlet, randuins omen, and perhaps death fire working, as an example. Don't quote me on that - I haven't tried her AP very much.

2. No, I would not suggest playing her as support. All she really has is her E. There are much better supports.

3. Once again depends on your play style. In the top lane I like to poke my enemy down with autos, then execute them with cougar form. With AP you could weaken them with your spears/cougar form and execute them when you can.