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I just want to come in and throw in some more love for having at least the 9 points in the defensive tree so you can pick up the extra dodge, MR, and nimbleness. Nimbleness is just really good on jax. I also think a rageblade is a must, but I like to get a rylais first, so that your leap strike can slow them on the strike instead of waiting for the first hit, as well as having a nice aoe slow.

EDIT: well looks like you already have nimbleness, you just said 21/0/9 instead of 21/9/0. Nevermind then!

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base all your items on either AP or AD and no matter what you buy that relates to this you will find success.

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Lt Possum

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I've been playing jax forever, and although ive had my ups and downs i was wrecking shop with

Sword of Divine
Ninja Tabi

huge amounts of burst and lots of lol moments

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I play Jax quite a bit (over 90 wins with him). i'm not 100% happy with this build, but here is my 2 cents. Masteries are 21/9/0. Rune focus is on dodge, Mana. I have some armor and penetration runes, but I'm still playing with these.

For your first item, you'll want either:
(Rejuv Beads, Dorans Shield, Dorans Blade) + Pots
Pots are key (both HP and Mana). They'll let you stay in the fight early, where you can pick up key experience. The goal is to get to level 13 with Jax without dying. I do not think he is very strong early game. Unless you can take someone by surprise, he won't be very useful until you get some items that lets that passive ability start to kick in. Also, I believe I've seen other Jax players get a fortitude or brilliance pot early, but I'm not sure how they're doing it AND getting an item.

For your second item, you'll want some type of boot. I prefer either:
Boost Boots, Berserker, Mercury Threads
Why not ninja tabi? Because if you read the FAQ of how dodge stacks, the more dodge items you have, the less it stacks. I don't think its very proficient to stack tons of dodge (especially if you get lots of dodge runes plus masteries plus dodge from counterstrike all which do not work vs. magic). Also, Jax's weakness is not vs. dps, but vs. magic. Dodge is usually not the limiting factor to use CS, but mana and cooldown time.

Third Item:
Here, I like vamp. scepter. Usually I'm at level 7-8 by the time I get to my 3rd item, and the goal is to get to level 13. Getting this provides key hp regen, which is needed to stay in game. It will also let you farm late game and pick up HP without returning to base.

Fourth Item:
Rageblade. Stacks big with both dps, ap, and attack speed. Very nice item. Sometimes I go for the next item first, then rageblade.

Fifth Item:
Rylai's Scepter. Great for slowing enemies. Much better than frozen mallet for Jax. Also, at this point, your empower ability should let you farm like crazy. Easier to buy items when you can kill 4-5 minions in one AP attack. (You can also sell your first time now if you'd like to help get it quicker). Use it to hunt down weak enemies. Be the guy who flanks on the ganks. Empower, hit, then as they run past, hit and leap-strike. This will also slow and let your team catch up.

By now, you should easily be to level 13. You can Gank with great success (great speed plus leap strike plus great damage from empower plus ability to aoe stun IN enemy minons. Yes, it is prefered to gank enemies while they are amongst their own minions. Not only do your chances of using CS go up, but if you empower or CS w/ a life steam item amongst minions, you gain key health from it). You can farm. And if you get teleport and a good team, you can flank towers while you team occupies the enemy.

Upgrade: Vamp Scepter to Blood Thirster.

Sixth Item: Zeal - can upgrade later to Phantom or Trinity. I also like Malady here for the life steal and extra attack speed.

And if you sold your first item - Guardian Angel. You're doing pleanty of damage at this point, you have hugh HP, why not add some armor, and give yourself a rebirth if you die in a team fight? This is just a great item period.

Disadvantages: Don't start a team fight. Its very tempting to do with that leap strike ability, but try to depend on a team tank to start the fight. Leap-strike/empower hit the enemy the tank targets. Then AOE stun if you get the opportunity.

I also feel like the DPS on this build is a bit low for jax. I've done an all DPS build (thirster + cleaver + rageblade), and he can tank a turret like no-ones business. It also makes surviving team fights easier. But its harder to gank with dps.

I've gone all AP before, and can really nail enemies trying to run from a fight, but flanking towers is much harder, and getting an inhib seems impossible (empower works vs. towers and not vs. inhibs for some reason). You also die easier in team fights due to AP yielding lower HP on the new passive. Another disadvantage is when the opposing team goes Magic Resist.

Another problem is mana regeneration. I find myself saying OOM too much during the game. I am considering trying to work in haunting guise or philosophers stone early into the build. Maybe even nashors tooth.

Other thoughts:
Lich Bane + Tiamat = double empower strike?
Archangel staff = no upper limit on max mana -> AP -> HP -> invincible jax!?!? Haven't played long enough for this to work yet.