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Leavers, Ragers, Trolls, Elitists.

These "players" ruin games for teams. They want to play solo player games, where their infinite skill can be matched to their cowardice behavior. League of Legends is in fact a team based game, and I find that when these wet-eared losers start throwing temper tantrums, it effects the entire team. The punishment system is not effective enough to convince me that my time is being respected, when my games are lost due to the attitudes of other players. There is no way for me, as the player, to sort out or distance myself from these children. They are wasting my time, they are wasting my teams time, and I find it offensive that they go unpunished for their actions. There is no sound punishment that speaks loud enough to say "You are in a game with Nine other People; Respect their time, or you won't play." Instead, I see volumes of excuses for why ******s aren't being punished, hiding behind "What if someone legit has to leave?", "What if their is a thunderstorm\loss of connection\power outage?", or "What if their computer locks up?". In any/all of these events, Riot, you are protecting the Sad-Asses while speaking up for the Unprepared; i.e. If it's raining, thundering, bad weather; Don't play! Don't screw over the game for Nine Other People, because you are making bad decisions; Learn to take care of your own computer. Be responsible. Don't play in Bad Weather. I'm sure that the winning team doesn't mind winning an easy game, due to simple math; i.e. 3v5 is -really- hard to lose, when you have the five. It's just basic math. But even then, there is no sportsmanship, no honor in that. It wastes everyone's time. And every Summoner already is aware, that if a unique situation comes up, even as embarrassing as "My mother unplugged the computer on me." That Tribunes exist to sort the player who is reported one time, from the player who is repeatedly reported, for the same action, for the nth time. This is a brilliant game, on a brilliant premise. Show respect for those who would interact and build a stronger community.

I offer a two part rectification:

One Week Bans for any player who leaves mid game. Ten People commit to play a complete match, or you lose the right to play.

Allow Mid-Game-Requeue's. More often than not, I'd rather vote to kick an AFK Player, and allow someone else to join the match, starting from scratch, than to deal with the player who has wasted everyone's time.

This protects the Time Investment of the Nine other people involved with the match, without being so strict as to punish a player for learning or simply having a bad day. There are many reasons why a player may not be functioning on par. Riot, you have provided the tools to outline these actions through the reporting process. However, at this point, I've lost -days- to players who give up. Most of which, at the drop of First Blood.

Tell me I'm wrong in my suggestion that these brats need to be outsourced from your game. Even players of Proving Grounds Blind Pick matches will tell you, there are two types of Summoner's: Those who quit. And those who are prepared to play it out, even against the ***** Pick Team of Blitzcrank/Niddalee/Lux/Mundo/Yi.

As long as Sportsmanship/Honor is present, I will play out any match, with anyone.
When my time becomes subject to an immature attitude, I have only the system to blame, for not removing these delinquents from it.

Less "Gee Gee" and more "Well Played".

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How do ragers and elitists waste time?

Most people who rage are angry. Why are they angry? More than not it's because people do not listen during team matches resulting in unnecessary losses and fights. I have myself had to deal with plenty of people who take a character to "support" as who then farm/push my lane, don't help harass the enemy and don't even bother warding.

In that situation the person who complains "Why don't you do this, stop farming plz, stop pushing lane plz" is seen as a rager or an elitist. Then depending on the environment players have a bad attitude in general. In normal along with the normal complaint "stop instalocking" there are the people who instacall so that they can have the role they'd normally instalock therefore not respecting anyone all the same. I think it's a lot more respectful to instalock because it gives players more time to pick around choices that are made. You are only given a 60 second timer in normal.

In draft game or ranked games it comes down to whether or not your team can respect rank and they often cannot. That is not to say that in normal draft games there are ranks but technically if you can pick first that means you should have full choice to play as what you want right?

Another form of the elitists that you may be complaining about is the type that hates even starting games that have bad team structure. I can't see what's fun with being on the squishy team against the enemies balanced team with a tank and half tank. And there is a penalty for those people who leave ques already so what more do you want riot to do about that?

Elistists will have good computers and ragers will have good reasons for it leaving only trolls and leavers on the list of people your punishment will even make sense for.

For leavers I think it is beyond obvious that if they are gone all game and then their team suffers that the account gets in trouble pretty quickly. Getting disconnected repeatedly during a match despite how your service is normally can happen quite often and thus punishing people who are trying to participate but can't is kinda mean. People who have a reason to go do have a lot more opportunity to leave before game without any issues so if they end up being afk all game as opposed to coming back yeah I kinda agree on that fact on not being prepared to play when thats why you press the play button isn't it?

For trolls, the only way I could see them being punished is if they literally state that they are trolling or their builds are trolls. For the games containing entire game leavers or obvious trolls I think the games should be turned into ones that state "Loss prevented" with the winning team still getting full bonus's. Though to counter what you said about obvious math I have won games 4v5 where one person was afk all game. Usually what makes the difference is communication and how much that person who left took with or added to the game. If its at the beginning of the game as long as players are paying attention and listening its very possible to win still. Some characters are also effective at fighting 1v2.

So if you propose anything it would at most actually affect trolls or leavers, as ragers and elitists will also report the players for their lack of teamwork [refusing to communicate] making poor choices despite warnings given [griefing assisting enemy team/intentionally feeding] And you can report ragers by reporting them for harassment verbal abuse... but truthfully i would look lighter on them in tribunal than people who don't want to work together or pay attention in a team oriented strategy game... I mean come on now.

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Holy ****ing walls of text batman, nobody's gonna read all that ****.

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Well-formatted walls of text. I read it all. :P

And people even in blind should never instalock. It's dumb and completely pointless. They should instapick and then not lock in, in case their pick doesn't work for the team.

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Okay well for starters League of Legends is a free game so no matter what you do about the Trolls,Elitists,Ragers and Leavers they can just make a new account. As someone who is a roughly 1000 elo i'm happy if I only get one of these members of the dark side of the community. In the past 5 ranked games I've had an intentional feeder where he asked to trade champions with me and doesn't then walks down mid lane and dies to tower repetitively and three games with kids who are flaming out about how the game is over because they didn't win their lane. My advice is ignore them and play the game because like a bad insect infestation, no matter how much effort you put on them you can't get rid of them. I agree with what your saying but I honestly don't think it will help. My advice is to find a group of friends you enjoy playing with. Even if a players was only decent skill wise but they were nice and fun to play with add them anyway, and always ignore the guy would whines about how he's the best Kass NA (KDA 3/11/1) who keeps complaining that its just his internet laggy internet today.

Oh and to back up my point, three days ago I played with a Troll in ranked. He told me he was going to troll as soon as the game started and told us he didn't care if his account got banned because this is will be his sixth account banned for trolling. Said he enjoyed playing the game to make people rage.