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Recent Server Lag, and Mastery champ select freeze

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Why are the servers so laggy? Today experienced a wide range of buggy situations with the servers from flashing away from turret shots, to laggy movement by select champions. Most recently mastery change lag this is a common problem in champion select people go to change their mastery's to better suit the champion they select, only to have the screen freeze. This happened to me when i selected to jungle Jarvin went to change masterys only to have screen freeze. Thought well great now i have no masterys i was last pick so game should of started within a minute. I waited 5 minutes nothing so alt f4'ed logged back in only to find i lost 15 rating for a mess up on riots end. Riot needs to fix these problems that have persisted for a long time. On a side note turrets need a fix they need to do true damage witnessed damage ranging from 15 damage to level 4 champs to 350 damage, It is almost like the game decides who to favor and makes the game unbalanced.