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RiotRiot Champion Fundraiser for Tornado Victi Champion Fundraser for Tornado Victims

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I agree entirely.

I live in north-central Alabama. I get the impression most people really have no clue how severe the damage is. What you see in Tuscaloosa exists in COUNTLESS other parts of the region. The damage is horrible. I happily embraced my 4 days without power as did all my neighbors because we KNEW how LUCKY we were.

I don't think it would be in bad taste to do a fundraiser with Janna, or maybe Corki. What matters is that we help our fellow Americans in need. Of course, Riot is under no obligation to run another fundraiser, but it would be nice. I'm sure many of their players are in the affected area.

From the comments, I guess it not very glamorous to support people in Alabama compared to Japan. I moved here after being born and raised in Southern California, and I heard all the snide comments and contempt for the South when I made my choice to move here. A lot of educated people who hold tolerance and enlightenment as values sure have a lot of intolerance and ignorance when it comes to places like Alabama. Good thing we have people like Fyrebryan here to help take care of our own. I've only lived here for 3 years but seeing how the public and various personnel has handled this disaster makes me proud to be an Alabamian.

Of course, there were those who complained about the fundraiser for Japan, too. And by the way, I donated to the Japanese Red Cross AND purchased Akali & Nurse Skin for the LoL fundraiser. I'd do the same this time.