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Leavers, AFKers and Malicious feeders Suggestions

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I just hate playing in rank game and all you get is feeder or people who dosn't know how to play in lvl 30!!!!!... They should have a mark on who's a team player or a mark on a person who ruins a game. Most of my lost are from people who argues by taking solo mid, if that person dosn't get it.

1. Player start feeding from the start.

2. goes afk till end of the game.

3. goes around jungle and farm but not help or push a lane, just taking our buff and goes afk or dies to the other team.

4. The player tells the other team if were going to gank them or where we are in the map.

Please make a banning system, so i can ban 621 people in my ignore list OR! at least SEPERATE!!! people who have low rating with the people of high rating. Something like if your rating is 1200 or 1400 you wont be able to JOIN!!! that type of game or match up with people that's over 1200 rating and your rating is at 1100. Players who have 1400 rating should be match with the same rating or between 1400 to 1500.

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What to do with a team of <4

1. Replace the leaver after 2 minutes with a bot A bot can not and will not ever be the skill of a human and can never possibly be programmed to come up with his own ideas and contribute to the team other than be a sluggish following orders monkey. Who in big battles wouldn't be that good

Make the bot as smart as technically and humanly possible.
Can't make the uberbot? Get the current bot and having killing it worth very little exp and gold to compensate for the hit to the teams chances. Can't hurt that way can it? Send it down the middle and we'll baby sit it as best we can, it'd be better than nothing.

2. Leavers trigger early surrender How does this help really... So im out of the game 6 minutes faster

Leaver is gone for 5 minutes or so and now we can surrender regardless of the current game time.

2b. Same idea but add the leaver in as a Yes for surrendering giving a team of 4 a tie breaker and a team of 3 or less is automatic disqualification or surrender or something.

3. Mercy Draw or Rematch Both teams start the vote and abuse this JUST because they want the easy ip and exp

Leaver is gone 7 minutes and pop up a vote to continue playing or reque People aren't as nice as youd hope.it would be quite hard for everyone to cooperate with this vote, i have trouble enough gettng people to surrender at 15 in a losing match instead we lose at 35

9 people now vote on continuing or reentering the que. Give a free vote a Draw from the player that left and ties of 5 draw 5 continue would side with the team of fewwer players.

Or just ask the losing team to abandon or continue, maybe offering a continue bonus incentive or something in that nature.

Adding to this idea of voting for a draw, an entirely new feature that could even be used without leavers in mind.

One team out class another severely or for any other reason that players can come up with, one team can offer a draw and both teams vote and the outcome instead of surrendering because an equal sharing of the matches rewards instead of a winner and a loser.

4. Reduce the gold or exp champion deaths give when there are only 4 summoners connected and further if there are only 3 Hacked bonuses is not fun

5. Itzwarty "Reduce time spent dead for each leaver" Hacked bonuses is not fun
I suggest each player missing gives the team a 30% reduction in their time spent dead, a lot of these games are lost simply because 5 players v 4 is over as soon as 1 or 2 of the lesser team is dead after the 50 minute mark simply because the 5 v 2 is way way impossible to fend off on turrets.

Leaver prevention:

1. Negative reinforcement People are already banned and generally when a leaver leaves a game he leaves for a half hour then comes back. This would be outright avoided

10+ minute ban that doesn't start until AFTER the left game ends and leaver mark is issued.

Take their IP / XP and distribute it amongst the poor sods who now suffer a great chance of a loss. This is how gunbound does it with their matches. You leave, you give up 100 gold to each person you left behind to rot. Make it like 20 ip to each or 25 ip ot each or 10 or 15. http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=651012 Ive thought of something VERY similar to this and i think this may just be the way to decide the rates of the ip / xp on my idea, But the amount would seem way to miniscule to care about

Each leave is a Debt. The leaver buster system is as effective and non cruel as it will ever be, no need to mess with peoples ip and xp
1 leave = - 1 ip/exp that persists on wins and loses until some criteria is met
44 leaves = - 44 or if greater than earnings, nothing is earned.
You take off a leave debt point for every 2 or 3 games played consecutively or non-consecutively.

Ditto to above but instead of messing with someones ip/xp just have an accumulating ban that is relative to the amount of leaver marks a player has. 80 leaves could be an 81 minute ban upon leaving your next game.

This would work well with an option to work off leaver debt with how many consecutive games you accumulate.

YOU COULD EVEN SELL ACCOUNT 'resets' That reset wins losses and yes a leaver's debt as well as all other records and you could even include that with a name change in the riot points store for your bottom line. This just makes riot money and encourages leavers, Nice going. Trying to turn riot greedy?

Lock accounts beyond 150+ leaves for 48 hours or more or ban them outright. Now thats just cold, What happens if i have 150 leaves but ive also played 3500 games, 150/3500 isnt that much, looking at it closer its more like 15/350

2. Positive Reinforcement

You already have a games in a row bonus, but adding landmarks that show up instead of leave marks you have loyalty points that people can see as they grant you bonus ip/exp ect.

100 games in a row without abandoning an entire match? 100 bonus ip/exp

1000? 1000 Bonus points of ip/exp or just ip. Whoa now, hold on there hex, sure this would work but WAY to over powered, People would never buy riot points when they could get a 6300 champion in just 4 games lol, wheres the limit on this bro?

Achievements that show on the forum and on profiles in game and in matches.

Colored name or icon that stands out for each 100+ games in a row, marking you as an honorable player. Meh nothing wrong with this, Personally id prefer seeing us have some forum avatars first

We need Vote to kick. Make it count as a leave and they can't rejoin till after the game ends, like a leave. Or Have it build up points as well, get vote kicked 100 times and you're banned because there isn't much you can argue that says people booted you for no reason 100 times. Ouch way to **** harsh People are not the judges and the law, The staff does that

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See this post

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support if not im buying another game instead of rp