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[Discussion] Karthus!!

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Karthus is my favorite champ and I'd like some discussion/advice. I'm level 15 and probably mid/low elo, but my goal is to see some competative play. I've several questions...

1) What masteries would you go at lvl 30? What about lvl 15? For me its hard to decide between offensive for magic pen and CDs, or utility for longevity. Same question with runes?

2) Do you go a pure ap build or a tanky/hybrid build? I build him a couple different ways--->

Supporting DPS-> This means I'm either in a premade that I trust or just a team that looks very promising. Spells are max lay waste/wall, with 1 lvl of defile early for last hit regen. Your job is to help your allies gank with Wall early, and stay back and spam spells during large battles. Items might be something like Sorc Boots, Rylai's, Tear, Void Staff. Use your summoner spells for quick escape.

Carry DPS-> I doubt this would work against high level teams, but in solo queues it is extremely fun and my favorite way to play him. Basically max lay waste/defile, with a level of Wall around 7 or so. Items: prioritize health, then armor/MR as needed against the enemy lineup. Sorc Boots/Rylai's/Soul Shroud core. With this build you will have less power, but surprise the enemy with your longevity and ability to take down many heroes 1v1. Turning on defile as soon as you are in range is crucial, as is turning it off when no one is in range. Taking Ghost is very helpful for chasing with defile. If the fight is close, play mind games with them to buy time-- run away, then turn and lay waste, then run away, all the while keeping them in defile range. The purpose of this build is not to /tank/, but to be able to properly abuse your massive aoe dmg.

How do you play Karthus and what items do you think are necessary? Do you think there are multiple ways to play him?

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I play karthus alot, and I usally do well in solo q along w/ premades.

I usally go-

Doran's ring->Soulstealer->SorcShoes->RoA->Tear->VoidStaff/Ryalis->Zoya

Not in that exact order, i get it in peice's depending, but it works for me very well. You usally do very well early game if you solo mid, as karthus is GREAT 1v1. I find that i usally get focused on late game, and begin to support my teamates instead of raping face.

If i run agianst a team that look's premade or is like 4 tanks and like a solo mid annie, i usally build more tanky, use my ult to help teamates get kills instead of hitting runners mostly, and get ryalis.. AOE slow FTW

I love karthus, but i dont think he will ever be viable HIGH elo, just because of the skills he has, ie how riot made him. No matter how you gear or play him.

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Early Tear / Archangel's is necessary and it makes a big difference when playing Karth. It helps you keep up that damage aura, pop those ground shots so yeah, once you get that item, mash Q. Aside from that Magic Pen is also nice, CDR? Maybe, for the ult but you'll rarely find your ult recharging in the middle of a fight. Last but not the least, survival items.

Do your wall -> turn on Aura -> flash in -> QQ -> Ulti -> multi-kill