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Mundo Regen Build

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I have been doing extremely well recently with this build. I end the game with +200 hp/5, 4000 HP, 40% reduced CD, and an ultimate that heals for 65% of my health over 12 seconds (2600). Combined with passive regen, that becomes just under 1300 HP/5 seconds.

1. Regrowth pendant
2. Spirit Visage
3. Boots & Haunting Guise
4. Regrowth pendant -> Warmog's Armour
5. Force of Nature
6. Soul Shroud

My runes give me +50 HP and +10hp/5.

Start with regrowth pendant to start. It allows you to cleaver as much as you want. Solo mid if possible.

Spirit visage is great because it lets you lane for as long as you want, and bumps up your regen significantly. Importantly, use your ult as much as you can. If you're between 50-70% health, use it, unless you plan on getting involved in a fight soon. Never wait to use it if you're below 50% health. Grab this as soon as you hit 1350 and your lane is safe for a bit.

Boot choice is situational. If you are doing really well, or if the other team is perfectly balanced between physical and magic get BoSwiftness. Otherwise grab Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads.

Haunting Guise is great because it gives you reduced cooldowns again, magic penetration for your cleavers and burning agony, and a little more health regen. Stay in your lane until you can get Haunting Guise and your boots at the same time. This is easily possible with a little care and your Spirit Visage.

Warmog's is next, and is a no-brainer. The health is more useful now that you are past the laning phase, as burst damage is more prevelant in combat than harass.

Next I usually get Force of Nature, unless they are extremely DPS dependant. In this case, choose any item that uses chainmail, depending on your preference. Guardian Angel is my suggestion. Force of Nature increases your regen to ~200/5, and increases movement speed even more (should be sitting at ~440 with boots of swiftness).

Soul shroud is a great end-game item because of the bonus HP, and the decreased CD reduction. With -40% cooldowns, Mundo can still do significant damage at the end of the game. Cleavers every 2.5 seconds, dealing 25% of opponent's health is nothing to be laughed at. You can also keep masochism up 100% of the time, if you so choose. Your ult CD is at 36 seconds, meaning you can have it up 1/3 of the time, allowing you to soak up massive damage whenever you feel like it.

Hopefully this helps. Comments/discussion are appreciated.

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Senior Member


Im sorry but this build is actuall you rather weak.

If you want to play Mundo like a good player use this guide and build.

With over 400 games with Mundo id say this build is by far the best one.

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Senior Member


I'll ask you this, like I ask any weak damage output build:

You have no CC to speak of, no relevant DPS due to slow attack speed, weak burst due to no burst skills, and abilities that reduce the effective use of CC on you. Why would anyone target you with this build, anything but last, after you sat there not helping your team in any appreciable way?

That linked build works, but needs a good bit of tweaking on runes and build past the third item, but is 100% more effective for your team and yourself than this one.

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Senior Member


To the above poster, a 100% increase in effectiveness on a 0 effectiveness build is still 0 effectiveness, btw.

Anyway, I'm not going to say this build is useless but, it def needs some more damage output. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the build they suggested to you because it doesn't have any increased HP and is a little vulnerable to burst damage. If you'd like to improve your build instead of copying someone elses, you're going to need to replace soul shroud and haunting guise. The guise can easily be replaced with brutalizer but once you've got that and spirit visage you're sitting pretty near the CD-reduction cap. Soul shroud doesn't really do a lot for you, I know it can help the team but, if that's your interest, Stark's Fervor is a much better buy. Think about a frozen mallet sometime in the end game and I'd say you're doing alright.