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Annie Item discussion for My alternative build

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Annie is a spell caster and a stunner also initiate in fight.

With full ap build she will give enemy a lot of pain but she will get attention and die after a drop of tibber(well still high dmg and stun) or worse she die before even do anything. Well for me this build seems to be very unreliable. With book of noob(mejai) which is only good if u can get a kill and not die but you will die from a lot of gang becuase u can't take any damage at all.

With hp/ap build (RoA/Rylai) this seems balance still, she will still die quicky if she get focus. The extra health manage to let her soak up more spell and damage but will be at 5-10% health after that and die.

So i'm thinking of something like this
1. boot 1
2. RoA
3. RoA(second one i want hp/ap, and almost all good game will be long enough to make it worth while)
4. Rylai

This will give you enough Hp/Ap to be useful but due to her 3rd skill which will return dmg to physical attacker so i'm thinking of perhaps

Thornmail 2000g? armor which this build still lack to be hard to kill and also return damage

wardenmail? lower cost and slow attacker let you live longer so u can spam more spell = more dmg too

Frozen heart almost 4000g? u got 3 armor slow aura and cooldown which will faster annie spell by miliseccond and tibber by a bit but it seems to use so much money

Banshee veil for situational a lot of mage 3-5

For me when Annie live longer than enemy mage she will kill them with lower spell cooldown and in team fight the dps carry will take longer to finish you so they don't go dmg your team

What do you think about this build? and please suggest for the Armor item

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Cat Girl Shrek

Senior Member


Uhh, annie without fed soulstealer, zhonya, and archmage to me is a fail. this guide is alright but your annie will just be a bait. nothing serious will come of her damage without tons of AP... well thought about the thornmail + molten shield though. i think that might actually be useful