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Which boots do you prefer (all other things equal)?

Berserker's Greaves 8 61.54%
Boots of Mobility 1 7.69%
Boots of Swiftness 1 7.69%
Mercury's Treads 0 0%
Ninja Tabi 1 7.69%
Sorcerer's Shoes 2 15.38%
Voters 13 .

Which Boots do you like for Sivir?

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Of course this is somewhat situational: if I'm up against 5 CCers give me Merc Treads anyday. In general though, which boots do you prefer on Sivir?

I buy Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility the vast majority of the time, with a strong preference for Boots of Mobility. Why? So I can do what Sivir does best... melting towers. BoM also help me push lanes while participating in teamfights, giving me good map presence.

If the game feels "hot" i.e. a lot of teamfighting and ganking earlier that normal, I will grab boots of swiftness so I can run up and pepper the enemy with Blades while not putting myself in a ridiculous amount of danger (important since I build auras).

I have heard other arguments for other boots. Greaves for the extra attack speed on you Ricochets, Treads or Ninja Tabi for a more defensive bent, and even SorcShoes on those AP Sivirs you see every once in a while.

What do you guys think?

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I usually go berserker greaves. Attack Speed is a really important stat for her so that's usually my pick, especially if I go mid. If there's more than 2-3 cc than it's merc threads.

I found a few games ago that if I don't get the greaves, my build really just fails early on. Build is:

#1: Chalice
#2: Berzerker's Greaves
#3: Stark's Fervor
#4: Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver

I rarely go past #4. Problem is I really depend on the Attack Speed from 2 and 3 and without it my farming just goes way down, especially if not mid.

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Well considering I normally get enough items with atk speed I never even consider getting the beserker greaves anymore. Nowadays I normally get boots of swiftness and try to get zeal because as of late I'm finding it more important to either be fight or flight and be able to balance myself between the jungle and the lane to maximize experience.

Also very few champions will beat sivir in a running contest when she has improved ghost, her ult and zeal and boots.

Only champions that come close without runes are.

Other than that there should be no reason why a sivir should not be able to outrun any enemy champion. Also remember that sivir is encouraged to move when fighting physical opponents so doing hit and run and getting that bonus dodge is there for a reason.