[Guide] Mordekaiser, you pushed me too far

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A full tank mord with something as simply as an atma's impaler to give him damage, can hit with Ace for like 400-600 damage depending on items. I would not consider that something you can just ignore, esp if he got a spirit visage also and has reduced cooldown times. Not to mention Children does a ridicilous amount of damage late game esp to a hero with high hp but no armor "like an AP sion or Jax" meaning if you focus him down it gives you a very strong ghost, which typically means a tower is going down automatically.

I was playing gangplank, had like 53% crit and around 230 AD with 20%+ crit damage rune bonus and a bloodthirster. This mord had 3.6k hp with a thornmail. I could not kill him, hands down.

If i tried to fight him he had significant dps.
A tank is someone that can kill an opposing teams carry due to making their damage useless.

Ideally mord should be played as a hybrid tank/dps.