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Quick Guide to GP

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This quick guide was made to help out struggling Gangplanks after the rework.
This is how I play gp, this is in no way is the only way to build him.
The real only difference between this one and the old gp is playstyle.

This is a critplank build focusing on consistency and a strong early game. Since the cd of paarley was lowered
harassing in lane is a lot easier.


Offensive Masteries (21)
-max deadliness
-cripple (exhaust)
-max sorcery
-3 Alacrity
-max sunder
-max brute force
-max lethality

Utility(9) This is really up to you but I go:
-Max good hands
-1 perseverance
-max awareness

-arpen reds
-crit chance yellows
-magic resist blues
-1 crit chance, 2 flat health quints

Skill Order
Priority is R then Q
Get one point in W, Then max E
Note: if your getting hurt a lot more, then only spend two points on W. Max it last.

Summoner Spells
Exhaust - gangplank has no cc, this is good to lockdown the enemy dps and
fighting early in the lane.
Flash - Used mainly to get away/ get into a better position in a team fight.
However during the laning phase it is used more offensively. Remember that when you press the key binding of flash you flash where your cursor is.

-Meki Pendant, 2 Health pots

-Mercury Treads, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Executioners Calling.

End Build
-Including the ones in core and selling meki pendant late game, Guardians Angel and
Banshees Veil.

Starting build is to keep you in lane and allows you to harass A LOT. Rush merc treads, makes it easier to land paarley. Then zeal, for more movement speed and crit. Then grab vampiric sceptre to stay in lane longer. Finish Executioners Calling. Build IE starting from Cloak of Agility for more crit. From here decide on getting GA or finish your phantom dancer. The rest is self explanatory from here.

Your goal is to kill and do tons of damage, especially early game. Whenever your q is off cd, shoot something. Maintain enough mana at all times to be able to cleanse and raise morale just in case you need to run away. Stop harassing if your low and wait for your mana to comeback. Use brush to your advantage, the brush will allow you to get close to shoot your q. Zone out the enemy whenever possible. Go in for the kill if you know you can do it fast. Get wards if you are doing well in the lane and zoning them out in case of an enemy gank. Farm whenever possible, use your q to farm as well. Prepare your ult to help other lanes or to setup a gank. Always place the ult where the enemy is going to run away, or on top of them if in battle already.

Your goal is to kill the squishies as fast as you can. Poke anybody that is close, do not over commit. Ult to initiate. Make sure you are safe from aggro, and flash to a squishie if you need to. Once the squishies are dead focus the tanks. Tanks are easier for you to take down than most people because you crit hard.
Most importantly, you move a lot faster than most champions with this build, dodge as many skillshots and aoe skills as you can. DO NOT GO IN FIRST. Always just use q, when you see an opening to go past the enemy tank to a squishie, take it.
Keep your flash to reposition or to run away.

Other Stuff
Executionets calling is for crit and lifesteal, not the passive. It is an inexpensive item that fits well with gp. <--credit goes to unseenstalkr
The faster you get your damage items the more effective you will be through the whole game. Always look for kills, and always farm. You don't have to get the last hit assists are good too. Just lay as much damage as possible.

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Start: meki + pots
Mid: 2x philo stone + avarice blade + boot
End: infinity + phantom + ghostblade