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[Guide] Mordekaiser, Do's and Dont's

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The guide will teach players how to play Mordekaiser. I don't like guides for the fact that there's never truly a correct way to play a champion, since its often situational, so i have tried to make the guide as situational as possible, granting different options on how to play Mordekaiser.


Summoner Skills:

My personal three choices are:

1) Ignite
2) Rally*
3) Flash
4) Ignite

*Rally can be easily replaced by Heal.


I found Ignite to be more or less an under-used summoner skill, but for obvious reasons: there are just often better ones to take instead of Ignite. Take for instance, the following argument: Mordekaiser has no built-in slow. Shouldn't he take Exhaust then? I argue no, for the following reason: Mordekaiser is a hybrid tank-dps champion, and not a dps champion. Exhaust saves lives (debatable - Flash does it better), but Ignite is better because it combines so well with his ultimate. I often take Rally next because it helps laning early game and it helps pushing/backdooring late game. For lower level players, Heal is a fine substitute. Smite should never be taken, as Mordekaiser comes with 3 AoE/farming skills.


Put the bulk of your points in Offensive. This is debatable because if your team needs a tank (at which case, switch to Rammus), the bulk of the points can be put into Defensive.

The ones you want to look out for are:
3/3 Archmage's Savvy - 0.60 AP/level means 10 AP. For the AP build, the goal is to get the Ultimate + Ignite's usefulness to maximum. (your other choice for base Offense are Critical Strike, which is all in all unneeded)
1/1 Improved Ignite - It increases AP when Ignite is on cooldown.
1/1 Improved Rally - It increases AP and duration of Rally, and its probably the best team summoner skill.


Possible runic builds are dumping a lot of them in Ability Power or Health. Health Regen is useful early game, but not really useful at all late game, so I'd skip it. Obviously, since Mordekaiser can't use mana, mana/mana regen is absolutely useless. Cooldown reductions are also very viable.

Before Starting:

I always call midsolo. This might lead to your Teemo or Ashe getting upset and shouting some obscene remarks, but Mordekaiser can truly solo mid quite well. I don't like working with lane partners, but Ryze's Rune Prison is always just lovely.


Starting Items:

Doran's Shield + 1 Health Pot


Regrowth Pendant*

*Regrowth Pendant is useful if you're going for an all out tank build, ie. Warmog's Armor or Force of Nature, but otherwise, Doran's Shield is just an extremely useful item. The Health Pot + your Rally should ensure you stay in the lane for as long as possible.

When the game starts, try to feel your opponent out. Blast him/her (and as many creeps as possible) with your E spell, and note that by doing so, your shield increases dramatically. Next, try and taunt them into attacking you, in which you'll take no damage, because your shield is absorbing everything. If the opponent champion is stupid enough to try and attack you headfirst, drop Rally and attack them. When they run low, cast Ignite for a kill. If you don't land a kill, no big, because they'll start playing defensive and scared, or head back to base, giving you free farming + experience.

The skills are quite easy to distribute. W (Creeping Death) isn't at all useful early game. Arguably, it can get you some harassing and last hits if you can use it well enough, but i avoid points. Start with E, and max out E, then Q, then W (with points into your ultimate whenever available)

The next item you'll want is Mercury Treads. The next time you head back to base, you should be able to afford this. From here, there are two different builds you can do:


Mordekaiser, is, as i have said, not a true tank, but he does have the capability of being a nice one. His shield grants him +600 "health" that regens quite fast with extensive use of his skills. The Tank build uses Warmog's Armor and Sunfire Cape(s). The latter stacks beautifully with Creeping Death. Other choices here are Aegis of the Legion, Thornmail, Guardian Angel and Force of Nature. This isn't my favorite build, since tanking often goes hand in hand with dying. In the case of the Tank Build, Ninja Tabi > Merc Boots


Phage gives a bonus to health, and Frozen Mallet gives an even bigger bonus to health. With this item, your a decent tank, with much larger hit points, and hitting opponents slows them down so Creeping Death, your ultimate and Ignite can eat away at their health. Rylai's Scepter and the Soulstealer Book are both excellent choices for AP boosts, since the other AP boosts also boost Mana and/or Mana Regen which you don't have use for and are ultimately a waste of points.

When you get to level 6-ish, if you can't get a kill on whoever's in the mid lane against you, start ganking. Make sure to target who your attacking before you jump them, and try to land a hit (with Mace of Spades) and E before you ultimate + Ignite. Note, to use your ultimate with more efficiency, you'll want to be able to micro a bit well. Microing in LoL is different then DotA (sadface, i love meepo). Alt + commands is a bit hard to get used to, but basic commands are Alt + attack a target and then forget about your "pet."

Hope my guide has been useful, good luck playing him.