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[Guide] AD Jax, Your Health is my Health!

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Well this is my first time actually writing a guide, but then again Jax is the only character I'm confident enough in doing so heh. Well as you've very well read in the title this is a guide for an attack damage Jax with lifesteal. There's an awful lot of ability power Jax guides and honestly, AP Jax just doesn't suit my style of play and next patch we can look forward to the empower buff for AD. So I took off and experimented and found a build that works quite well, I've finished all of my games with well over 10 kills. But without futher ado...

Attack Damage Jax, Your Health is my Health


-1. Intro
1. Summoner Spells
2. Runes
3. Masteries
4. Items
5. Skills/Skill Order
6. Playstyle

1) Summoner Spells

Now these are just recommended, as in you're welcome to use any combination you want, but the first two are my personal favorites.

Teleport: Always use it, It's perfect for getting that heal when almost dead or you have enough money to finish that item you need while staying outside of your lane as little as possible. Of course later on you can use it to get to towers that are being overwhelmed by minions or back in the heat of a team battle for a quick surprise.

Cleanse: You need to remember, when your hitting people to get your life back being stunned is devastating and a quick cleanse will save your hide and allow you to quickly take someone else down.

Exhaust: Now I use this every now and then but not my personal favorite. If you want to play a little more offensively early on I'd take it, of course you could also use it to save yourself or a teammate with the blind.

Ghost: If you overextend yourself in a lane while trying to take down a tower or getting away from a persistent hero it's a great choice, as well you can use it to chase down a runner. Though honestly it might not be so helpful in team battles and there are better choices.

Flash: Will save your life in certain situations or allow you to get that last hit as they're running but it's an ok skill for this build, but there are better choices.

Now your welcome to use any of the others I haven't mentioned, but honestly these are the ones best suited I feel. But they have flaws, like your welcome to ignite someone but honestly later on you won't even need to let them run, they'll die to fast.

2) Runes.

Now like summoner spells you can set it any you want but these are what I usually do.

Marks: Marks can be a little odd in that your not stuck with just one type. I recommend taking Armor pen and damage runes as more damage means more life back. You can take some attack speed but honestly you'll have plenty of that in a match. And say you don't have enough gold your welcome to use some crit chance as well.

Seals: Your jax, dodge, no question.

Glyphs: Magic resist, Jax's huge flaw is the damage he takes from spells and that he usually can't dodge them so it's nice to have that slight reduction. Now if early on your having trouble with regen go ahead and get a few mana regen runes as well.

Quintessence: Now you should have at least 1 dodge quintessence, as for your other two your welcome to get another dodge, it helps. And the other I'd suggest a offensive one, like damage, armor pen, or attack speed.

3) Masteries

Well now, time for those oh so great mastery trees. For this build I go 21/9/0 You want to have as much damage output as possible since that's what gets you your health back. And since we're Jax you don't want to skip out on Nimbleness, you dodge enough so you get extra dodge and it just might save you from a jam.

3/3 Deadliness
1/3 Archmage Savvy
4/4 Sorcery
2/4 Alacrity
1/1 Archaic Knowledge
3/3 Sunder
3/3 Brute Force
3/3 Lethality
1/1 Havoc

2/3 Resistance
2/3 Hardiness
4/4 Evasion
1/1 Nimbleness

Well now we get into the actual match.

4) Items:
Now I've messed around and this is what's worked the best for me of course like everything else in the guide your welcome to make your own changes.

Quick List
1. Boots of Speed + 1-3 Health Pots
2. Ninja Tabi/Mercury Treads (Situational)
2.5. Vampiric Scepter
3. Guinsoo's Rageblade
4. Malady
5. Bloodthirster
6. Infinite Edge
7. Phage (Your call, get what'd you like, hell 2nd Bloodthirster if you want)

Detailed List

1. Boots of Speed + 1-3 Health Pots

Now the boots are a good start because you have some running speed to start the game off with. Health pots are always nice to stay in your lane longer if an attack went wrong.

2. Mercury Treads OR Ninja Tabi

Now you can diagnose your enemy team and whether you should have dodge or magic resist/stun resistance. Then get your boot's of choosing.

2.5. Vampiric Scepter

Now as I said this is a life steal guide, at this point after buying your boots if you have enough leftover gold I'd buy it, as well as go back for it unless your confident. This will give you some small life steal to work with as well as contribute to a later item.

3. Guinsoo's Rageblade

Always a must for Jax, as your ult builds this will as well, even as you use your abilities it will stack. This is where your work begins to show, you now have that attack speed Jax is known for as well as some damage behind your abilities.

4. Malady

Now remember that Scepter? Well you've already paid for part of it. It's a cheap finish and now you've got even more attack speed, at this point in a full battle you should hit or run fairly close to the 2.5 attack speed cap.

5. Bloodthirster

Now if you've felt like you've been doing too little damage this is the decider, this is when you'll rise above in the score. The damage is a huge buff as well as more life steal for you to play with. Keep killing those players and it'll only get better.

6. Infinite Edge

Now at this point in time your game might be over but this'll just make you overpowered. That extra damage and higher crit damage will make you an absolute terror. I've even soloed baron after getting this and had full life after.

7. Phage

At this point your game should be over, grab whatever you want, but a phage is nice for stopping those runners, though as you'll read farther down you shouldn't have had that problem too much.

5) Skills/Skill Order

Equipment Mastery: Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment. Jax gains 5 health per point of Attack Damage and 3 health per point of Ability Power received from items.

Always a nice ability, who wants to complain about more health?

Leap Strike:Jax leaps toward an enemy unit and smacks it in the face with his lamp post.

Always nice for some damage and closing the gap

Empower: Jax charges up for a cleaving attack, dealing an additional damage to a wider range the longer Jax waits to strike.

The new Empower is just freaking awesome, add it whenever you do a Leaping Strike or hell whenever you just feel like it, be excited because next patch it's going to be buffed with attack damage too.

Counter Strike: Jax's prowless allows him to dodge enemy attacks frequently. After avoiding an attack Jax can quickly stun surrounding enemies.

Great ability, not only do you get dodge giving Jax a massive amount, but you can stun someone running or stop someone in combat and completely turn a fight around.

" No need to take more than one point of counter strike unless you're forced to, the added dodge is negligible, spend those points on something else." (Pwnacus Maximus)

Relentless Assault: Jax's greatest talent lies in his ability to grow stronger with every attack. Each successive attack increases his attack speed temporarily, and every 4th blow will devastate his target.

Awesome, just awesome. This is what'll do a huge chunk of your damage and attack speed.

Skill Order:

Now your welcome to mess around the list, I forget the order sometimes too since all abilities are generally useful. This is just what I usually do.

1. Leap Strike
2. Counter Strike
3. Empower
4. Leap Strike
5. Counter Strike
6. Relentless Assault
7. Leap Strike
8. Empower
9. Leap Strike
10. Empower
11. Relentless Assault
12. Leap Strike(Maxed)
13. Empower
14. Empower(Maxed
15. Counter Strike
16. Relentless Assault (Maxed
17. Counter Strike
18. Counter Strike (Maxed)

6) Playstyle

Well here's your lesson, now remember throughout the whole game, you are not a tank, you can take on 2 people sometimes 3, if your lucky 4, but you can't jump into a group of 5 people and expect to destroy them all.

Early Game(Level 1-6)

At this point you should face your lane opponent/s and be careful, this the tough part of the match, you'll be very weak and in no condition to just jump and destroy someone. Sit back and harass with leap strike, if anything soak minion hits for your counter strike and follow your leap strike with it. Rely on your lane partner a lot, if he's not too good just be extra cautious, don't extend yourself too far from your tower. Your survival is a priority, the downfall to this build is here since your very weak.

Mid Game (Level 6 or so)

You've got your ult now, you can actually kill things a lot more efficiently. If you've got the vampiric scepter already you can now start running into the jungle for a kill or two. I mainly run in for the lizard kill for slow or golem for mana, kill these two a lot if your in need, the lizard is of utmost importance since you won't be picking up a slow weapon. As well if careful you can kill the dragon for some nice gold, but still be careful, kill him whenever he's up. Your skills will begin to show here, if you've got guinsoo you should be able to take most people in 1v1.

Late Game(13,14-18)

Ah you may now enjoy the fruits your labor, you are now a killing machine, if you don't have Infinite Edge yet you should still do quite a bit, The Bloodthirster is the main weapon that puts your damage through the roof. Now stick around with your teammates in group battles and be prepared to jump in and take down the squishier opponents. If things get to rough try cleansing out or leaping out and hitting some minions to get your life back up and then enter the fray once more. You could even solo baron now if you wish, the enemy team won't suspect since the rest of your team is in sight. You can take down a lot of people, though I've learned that Warden's Mail is your natural enemy since it slows your attack speed, beware people who have it and don't engage them unless their by themself or you have help.


Well this has worked for me pretty well, I've never gone lower then 10 kills a game, and at that point your skill comes into play. Now as I've said this whole guide and I'm sure you're tired of hearing, your welcome to mess around with this, I've been experimenting with it nonstop. If you do change it around and find an improvement, let me know, I'm always open for ideas and suggestions and if it's better I'll edit the guide. Lets keep AD Jax alive guys! And remember, if they have health, it's already yours, they just don't know it yet!

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Pwnacus Maximus

Senior Member


Your guide is pretty decent, a couple problems though:
1. No need to take more than one point of counter strike unless you're forced to, the added dodge is negligible, spend those points on something else.
2. This build will be pretty hard pressed to kill spellcasters, your only advantage is your sh*ttons of health. Consider building phage into frozen mallet instead of infinity edge(which is overkill on jax anyway) and buying Guardian Angel, Banshee's, or some other sort of survivability item.

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Thanks for the input Pwnacus, the 1 point Counter Strike is good advice, I just tested it out in a game, though in my case I prefer 2, I feel a little safer that way, paranoid and all that. As for killing spellcasters it's actually not too bad, if you jump in on them they start fleeing and you can keep on them. As you get farther on as well they die very quickly. Now as for the infinite edge it's usually overkill because the game should already be over. If it's not it's that extra push if heroes aren't dying fast enough. But if you feel a survival item is a better choice by all means take it. I'm going to redo the skill list with your note on counter strike to the guide.

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Senior Member


A couple of suggestions: Attack damage runes are the red-headed stepchild of attack runes. Armor pen runes are going to increase your damage output more than attack damage in almost every situation (things with 0 armor are pretty much the only exception). If you think you're going to be reducing things to 0 or less armor (more on that in a sec) attack speed marks are probably the way to go, considering how well Jax does with IAS. Continuing with your rune choices, while dodge runes are an obvious choice for seals, you can probably do better with your quints. The flat HP quints are probably best, the ~100 hp really helps early game, especially if you're not building a Doran's of any kind. If you don't have problems with early game survivability the movespeed quints are often overlooked and can eliminate the need to build boots as your first item.

On to items, unless someone else on your team is building it, Stark's Fervor>Malady. Personally, I have a hard time giving up the extra attack speed but I keep reminding myself that its a team game and the aura is going to help my team a lot more than Malady's on-hit effect. Second, I'd build phage earlier as the slow effect is only going to be useful when chasing, which happens more in the early and mid-game. Late game fights are decided much quicker and its less important to run down fleeing champs, just push down their towers instead. Finally, IE is best when combined with some other crit chance items, which you don't have. Its not bad but, if you're going to be building a BF sword-based item after Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver is probably a better value. The on-hit effect stacks very quickly due to your fast attack speed and combined with Stark's you can reduce your opponents' armor to 0 or less. Honestly though, games don't usually last long enough for more than one high-end item. Personally, I've found that Dorans, Boots, Starks, Frozen Mallet is usually GG.