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Playing against Eve?

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Never buy oracles, unless you are a character who just doesn't die. Pink wards are brilliant on her, but remember that your minions will move to her if they are not already target locked, and that she can detect any ward's general whereabouts with Q. Banshee entirely removes her stun game, and is generally a good item anyway. her stealth is 10 seconds at each level, at level 1 and 2 she is near useless.

Harass her, hard. She will have to invis just to pick up exp, and she can't last hit. If she's laning, she is food.

Eve forces you to play well; grouping, not running off alone into the jungle etc. At late game, if one of you has an oracles you can generally sit in bush areas and she will scout right into you due to the false safety of her invis. Ignite is hugely useful vs eve due to her ulti being the only way she stays in the game. If her team is bad, she will be having to initiate; stun and run basically, then her team goes in; drop a pink ward. Every time a fight happens, drop that ward.

Essentially eve is no different than a flash stun from rammus or alistair or what have you, except that she has tiny, tiny damage, and tiny, tiny health. Once you get your head around the idea of ganks happening, you'll have no issue with Eve.