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Warwick builds?

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Senior Member


I know warwick isn't the best champion and indeed there are other better chooses for what he does, especially with his self-stun ult.

But I love him so im using him.

I was using him a month ago before the patch, and now I feel like playing again with him.

But with the new patch, I think his game must have changed a little bit in build terms.

So I wanna ask warwick players, What builds do you recommend with him?

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Junior Member


Well i just say you a build that i prefer but you should find youre personal build by youre own

Madreds Bloodrazor
Mercury Threads
Banshesh Veil
The Black Cleave

Optional Items

Frozen Mallet
Last Whisper
Starks Fevor
Phantom Dancer
Atmas Impaler

And so on.
Maybe it helps you a bit to prefer youre own build because i think everyone has his own prefered item build with warwick