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[Suggestion] Game Start Vote.

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No, not the start that the host initiates, the timer that occurs afterwards gives you some time of course to pick your hero, your rune page and your summoner spells. But what about strategics, are you supposed to do so after the game has started? what about picking heroes in synergy with a pub group? Or even if you haven't been able to smooth out the details in one on one chat. Simply allowing your team to vote when they are ready for the game to begin, instead of putting a timer gets rid of the "oh crap, I need to pick something before time runs out" for those that have been chatting and trying to plan what to get.

I think this would allow people to better plan and get the spells and heroes that would be best for the team in general, instead of just spending the time allotted trying to rush through the process. Would the lengthen time to start? perhaps, but would you not want to go into the game with your A-game rather than hoping for the best with the time you were allotted?'

Please discuss, I'd like to know if i'm off track with this.

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I agree with this, except for one thing. I think the timer should still be there so people know that if the other team is still discussing strategy, the game will still start within 3-5 minutes.

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I agree. Longer timer, plus a way to signal readiness so the game starts when everyone is ready (or when the timer runs out). More often than not, this would probably speed the game start process, but sometimes you need a little more time.

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Bump. In addition it would be nice if you can chat with the other team as well during the interim, as well as see who has voted to start on both teams.