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AP Jax Build Items?

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I've been playing AD Jax a lot, but a lot of my friends are telling me to switch over to AP, especially for the burst. So I just want to know how to build an AP Jax, can someone give me the masteries + item order that's usually used?

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Hey man, I just made this post in another thread. I hope that this helps.

My build may differ from other's, but I build Jax straight AP.

I do a 9/0/21 build, with Ghost and Flash/Teleport (depends on who I'm playing with). If I'm solo queuing, I do Flash. If you're playing with people who are good, get them to lay down a ward when you are about to gank so that you can teleport to it and appear out of no where to kill them (or a Teemo mushroom, Shaco JITB etc).

I start with an Amplifying tome and an HP potion. Depending on how the game goes, I either rush a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or a Soulstealer. If you're getting a good amount of kills/assists and not dying in the early laning stage, get a Soulstealer. Gank with someone who has some CC and get more fed. After a soulstealer, I grab the Ninja Tabi. Then Rylai's.

So, in short, here are my two item builds-

Getting kills-

Ninja Tabi
Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Zhonya's Ring


Nashor's Tooth

^Depends on how your money is doing. Get the other one after you buy one of those.

If the game isn't really in my favor, I get items somewhat like this-

Amp. Tome to start with.
On your next trip, grab some normal boots and a blasting wand.
On your next trip, get the giant's belt and finish your Ninja Tabi.
After that, finish the Scepter.
Then get Nashor's Tooth.
Then Zhonya's.

The Soulstealer is basically useless if both teams are going back and fourth with ganking, but getting it is a judgment you'll have to make.

By this time the game is usually pretty much over. When I've been fully fed, I've had a bit over 600 AP and ~4500 HP. You'll be a beast!

Rylai's is pretty much integral. With this build, you are pretty much an initiator. You have a ton of HP and a great initiating move. If you empower your weapon and then leap into a group, you will slow them all. Then you can stun them all, and after the stun they are all slowed!

As for abilities, I prioritize leap due to the cooldown's reduction. It's just simply too good to not level up to max first. At level 9, your leap will have an insanely short cooldown and you will dominate the mid game because of that. I also level the ult whenever it can be leveled. I get one rank of empower at level 2 (for leap and empower combo early ganks), and then I max the stun. Empower is very good to use, but the extra damage added per level just doesn't really cut it compared to the stun. It's the AP added on the attack that makes it count, and you get that from items.

Runes don't seem to matter that much, at least to me. I'm pretty casual, but I like to consider myself good. I have an incomplete crit chance rune sheet, and that works out for most champs that I use. It's whatever. It's fun when your ult crits on attack, it hits INSANELY hard when you build Jax AP.

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Id go for soulstealer, tabi, rageblade, then rylais. after that zhonas works nicely.

but you could have a nice hybrid if you went, souldstealer(optional), tabi, rageblade, trinityforce.