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massive praise for the external reconnect!!

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Thank you for this Riot! THANK YOU!!!

So there I am, playing a game, and its going well: no real cock-ups, good kills, playing well with team mates, a good game all round...

Almost too good!

At this point good ol' windows 7 auto-f*cking-update steps in and says WAAAHAAHHHH!!! Look at me!! lOOK A|T ME!!!! I WANT ATTENTION WAAAH WAAAH HWAAAHHHH!!! And shuts down my computer without so much as a by-your-leave.

Thankfully i remembered: in the front end news section i'd seen something about external reconnects - i hadnt given it much thought at the time but i remembered it! And i remembered that it said to just run the LeagueofLegends.exe and it'll get me back in.

Well i had to try it!

So when windows came back up, i went to the game folder and tried it. And it didnt work. The lil LoLCoF logo appeared for a bit, and then it came up with an error message (i cant for the life of me remember what it said :S ) -something about being unable to validate something... maybe the client? not sure- but whatever it said it gave me a clue, so i tried firing up the regular game launcher front end thingy and logging in.

Once I was looking at that big ugly purple dude I hit the exe again and HALLELUJAH!!! IT WORKED!!!! I got back into the game and continued playing!! ^^

Sure i was 5 levels behind, and sure i'd missed half the fun, but I WAS STILL IN!! And I got to see our victory ^^

Once i was back in the game it was surprisingly bug free as far as i could see, the only 2 that stood out to me were:

It had forgotten my K/D/A stats

When i leveled up the first time i got the big number "1" in the bottom left, but no "+" buttons appeared next to my abilities, it was only after i leveled up a second time that they appeared. Odd.

Anyway, WOOT! Great stuff Riot! All multiplayer games need this feature and im over the moon that you've got it in and working !!!