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Best runes for Rammus

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I've hit lvl 20,

Gotta start buying runes...so I was thinking of making a page for Rammus...suggestions?

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I like to go like this:

Marks - Flat Armor Penetration (19 total)
Seals - Scaling HP (175 @ lvl 18...Ruby Crystal)
Glyphs - A mixture of flat and scaling magic resistance
Quints - Flat Armor (around 15 armor)

The flat armor is nice so basic attacks don't hurt you as much early game as you jump in for last hits on creeps and get out (for this reason I get boots and 3 health pots at the start). The armor also gives you like 2 extra damage from your passive.

The scaling HP I feel is important because, unlike most tanks, Rammus benefits more from stacking armor than HP (of course, don't forget the MR against casters!). The scaling HP allows Rammus to focus less on HP.

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I always go flat HP for Quints. 3 HP quints is like getting an entire additional HP item at first level. This gives you a massive tanking advantage early on.

I plan on getting CD reduction and HP for the rest. But in retrospect, I might go for MR instead, since it will boost my survivability massively early to mid game.

I have never cared for hp/lvl. They take so **** long to be useful, and they ultimately aren't that different from flat HP.

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runes for Rammus depend on how you play him. If you're going a proper tank build then stacking armour, magic resist and HP are all viable options. Because I play a few characters I like to get runes that are more multi-purpose.

marks: magic pen (his basic attacks are pretty useless but magic pen works great for a powerball -> taunt -> ult combo)
seals: hp
glyphs: cdr (so you can spam shields and taunts in a team fight)
quints: Ability Power (I use these on casters but HP could be more useful)