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Need some irelia help plz :)

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I'm not the best LoL player here, but somebody please help me for some Irelia gameplay and builds, thanks.

-AD or AP?
-Starting items?
-good lane partners?

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Personally, rushing trinity force is really good on irelia. after that i'd say youmuus or maybe phantomdancer or even frozen mallet. also for boots go merc treads to maximize her passive.

i'd go with cloth 5 pots or boots 3 pots

try and take a solo lane if possible.

if you'd like any other tips with her add me in game if you'd like man!

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Your gonna want items that give you AD, such as Trinity Force, IE, Blood thirsters, Merc treads, and things such as those with at least one survivability item,(though i would take a banshee veil and another survivability, this will mean you are a mages worst neightmare.). If you wanted you could do a Hybrid also for that i would go Banshee, merc, Guardian angles, Ageis of the legion, and then 3 gun blades for the AP and AD

If i were you id likelaning with a sion, tf, taric, or brand, each of them have annoying stuns that will allow you to do huge amounts of damage, plus these are some good charecters, in ranged/support such as tf and brand, sion can have infinite amounts of Health, and taric has a heal,

If possible though solo, unless you are up against a veiger, or a veiger you should be able to beat them down hard.

for here you are going to want flash and ignite, or exhaust and ignite with your masteries 21/0/9

I would also buy Crit chance, AS, and AD runes

when you get to the end you should be able to put out lots of damage and be vary scary, early game though, play it with care and use ur team to your advantage

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Well my first bit of advice is to check out some of the guides that have been put out for Irelia. This one here (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=352284) is a good one in my opinion.

Second: Irelia is a hybrid which means you can do a bunch of different stuff with her and she'll still work great.

When Laning with Irelia I usually will start off with a doran's shield. Other good items would be that atk spd item or the ad item. and some hp pots.
A lot of people build Trinity Edge and it works good on Irelia.
After Trinity edge I usually get a Hexdrinker. Has bit of MR and good bit of AD. But the passive is what makes it shine. Hexdrinker will help keep you alive at low health which will help you in getting time to stun them and get out of there or kick them.
After that it's up to you and what you feel your team needs. I generaly like to focus AD and Atk spd. Also get some MR (banshie's) if Hex isn't enough for you. If you want you can get some armor as well.

For runes.
Red: Armour pen or atk spd.
yellow: mp5 or dodge. (per lvl or flat is up to you)
blue:cdr or MR

Masteries: Either go 21/0/9. or 8/0/22
the 21/0/9 is pretty self explanatory. with the nine get either greed or a point in mp regen.

8/0/22 is a variant that I use with Irelia if I know I'll be laning her. I get 4 points in atk spd. with the 22 make sure to get 3 points in increased movement spd. the other points as you chose.

For summoner spells I like to take a flash ghost combo when in lane. (get the masteries if it doesn't inconvenience you to much.) works great for escapes and chases.

Good luck with Irelia.

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Go top lane. Always solo. Focus on lane domination, pushing, levelling and putting pressure on your enemy.

Ghost and Ignite. Always.

Starting items:

Dorans or cloth+5 hp pots if you are making wriggles
Always get wriggles against physical dmg lane. Always get Randuin against an overwhelming physical team
Always get wits end and banshees vs magic overwhelming team
Always get QSS vs Vlad and Malz. Cancel their ults completely.
Balanced setup: Mercuries, Sheen, Wits end, Randuins, finish Triforce, Banshees, Madreds or Guardian Angel.

Armor Pen marks
Armor seals
MR/lvl glyphs
Armor, mr, movement, hp regen or armor pen quints, depending on expected enemy and playstyle.

0/21/9 or 0/9/21. I personally prefer the first, to remove as much dmg from myself from the enemy. Offensive tree is just bad for irelia.

Skill order:

W, Q, E, W, W, R, W or E depending on need. R when available.
Focus your playstyle around Hiten Style.