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Wich one to buy?

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I am new to game playing from about a week and bought shaco and amumu so far, but I am wondering who to buy next betwen rammus, maplhite or corki?Post the champion you suggest and list pros and cons if you can. Thank you in advance.

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Let's go over the pros and cons then.


Pros - Beastly tank, high support value, great tower pusher
Cons - Needs backup for champ kills (mostly), not newb-friendly


Pros - Versatile, AOE stun ult, has both damage and survivability
Cons - Jack of all trades, master of none kinda thing, very dependent on team composition


Pros - Considered high tier for damage output, 4 aoe skills, ranged, escape mechanism
Cons - Very squishy and can be challenging for new players

That's a very short list. People might disagree too. If I had to choose for you, I would go with Rammus. A well-played Rammus is always adored by his teammates, and he's a great champ to cut your teeth on. Get him down pat and you won't only have gotten better at a champ, you'll find you've gotten better at the game too. He just fits in so well. After that, I'd go Malph, and lastly Corki. I own all three, so that's just my personal preference. Hope it works out for you.