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[Guide] Mordekaiser Pusher, Tanker, Lover

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Mordekaiser: GUPPIE HUNTER

1. Intro
Want to know how to play mord?
Let me explain using an analogy, there is the turtle (Mord) the fish tank (your lane) and a guppie or two (the opposing player/players). The guppies can easily out swim the turtle , but they always get eaten, why? Cause the turtle has something the guppies don't endurance, and the desire to simply swim after the guppie chasing it around and around the tank until the guppie realizes the futility of its own life gives up and lets itself be torn to shreds.

You are a turtle, you have no stuns, no slows, no crowd control what so ever. If the guppie runs there is nothing you can do about it. What you do have though is endurance if you want to stay in a lane the entire game the guppies can do nothing about it unless they call in there little guppie buddies and beat the ever loving **** out of you.
2. Pre-game

Runes should look for two things, cool down reduction and AP. I usually use the level based runes, but go with what you prefer.

Summoner Spells
-IGNITE: this and your ultimate go hand in hand together
-GHOST: The ability to both run away from attackers and run down people is just to much to pass up. People chasing you Ghost and run away. Need one last siphon to screw some one ghost and maul him.

The top two i use almost exclusively, but options never killed anyone
-FLASH: I mean its flash it makes everyone better right?
-EXHAUST: You have no slow stun ect. having ones not bad but ghost allows you to catchup and run away.
-CLEANSE: You will be in the **** alot it doesn't hurt to be able to get out of it fast

Ones to avoid
-TELEPORT: with this build you should move fast enough you won't need it.
-CLARITY:not even goin there


Start with regen,
Regrowth pendent to start. With that and your natural shield you should have no reason to leave a lane unless you are buying items or getting the **** kicked out of you. (if the latter occurs please request a lane swap as feeding is a sin)

After you've farmed a little,and farm you will. Get yourself some Boots of Moblity.
I know I know, crazy huh? but these grant you the movement speed you need to farm a wave of creeps to a tower and then tear out of there like a bat out of hell. I can't speak for these things enough really. The only way you can learn to love them is to try them.

After the boots get another key item Spirit Visage everything about this item screams mord you get regen, magic resistance and most importantly Cool down reduction. to top it all off its pretty cheap too.

With these items you have CD reduction and the HP regen you need to insure that your abilities will never become a hazard to your health. Also you move fast enough out of combat that you can get to any lane that needs help farm it out and still get back mid in time for the next team fight.

With mid/late game approaching you need to get ready to start tanking. Easy to fix every problem at once Warmog's Armor hp regen and passive that makes the fact you gobble down creeps like a fat kid on cake insures that you will be your teams fat kid.

After this anything you want, you see to much magic supplement your Regen and magic resistance with force of nature (my favriote). Heavy burst damage instantly killing you go Guardian Angel. Having trouble eating towers cause the opposing team responds to fast, get that extra damage in there with Atma's Impaler

4. Skills

Max siphon
Max siphon

6.Call to the grave
8.Mace/Doom honestly up to you if you feel you need an extra smack or just want to hit q

After this just fill in how you feel getting your ultimate when it comes up. I recommend maxing Creeping doom, but i always like to get one point in mace for that extra whack.

Why? Well anyone not maxing siphon is missing out on alot, but Creeping Doom (CD) is another story. I love this spell early game and late game. Nothing says farming like DOTs that are AOE and even better yet follow you around.
Early game CD allows you harass in ways it shouldn't at the very least it lets you farm even when your not at the front lines. You do this by casting it on the first creep in every wave. Move back a little as the wave comes let it run past you and then cast. CD moves so slowly that by the time it reaches the front lines the creeps have already started beating the **** out of each other allowing you to score some easy gold and scaring off/damaging any Melee heroes to scared/dumb to stay/run away. With this and siphon you have no reason to not dominate a lane. All your spells cost health and thanks to regen you basically have an infinite mana bar.

As for your ultimate. Honestly with out help or dumb people it has trouble getting kills. The big thing about it though is that 1 it heals you for the life lost and 2 if and when some person does die from it you have the best tower pushing hero killing creep every given to any one hero ever. If ever you have trouble deciding what to do with it just hit ALT and throw it at the nearest tower. Remember though you have to stay nearish to it to make it work, so don't just run off. Also if you throw it at a champion YOU will draw tower hate not IT ok?

5. Now for some common lane problems:

Casters fing you up? Well they will run out of mana eventually and have to leave while you can just stay and continue to scarf down creeps to your hearts content.

DPS guys harrsing you? Siphon solves it walk up to them siphon, they attack your new shield should absorb all the damage assuming you also got some creeps (remember you want to farm to) repeat, again and again and again. They left to heal? good get back to scarfing down creeps.

Tank in your lane scarfing creeps? Scarf them back and then you both can spend you gold on whatever items you think you need to murder each other.

Finally did you **** up? One to many tower hits? Ryze pop out of the bushes and jump you by pressing rewq? **** happens thankfully Mord forgives easily just ultimate some one, preferably a tank, you get alot more health then you think from this and with it you should be able to stay in your lane.

6. Conclusion

Hope you have fun with the new guy for as long as he is free. Just remember that the first thing you want to do is farm farm farm. Then tank then get back to farming.

oh, and if you do want to try and kill someone ignite+ultimate is pretty good against anyone with about a 1/4 bar left.

Just remember this game isn't so much about killing as it is about killing towers. If your 0/4 and just knocked down there last inhibitor go home take a leak at the fountain and remember you done good.