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[Guide] Mordekaiser: Let Them Cry OP

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Hello everyone. This is my guide to Mordekaiser, gleaned from what I have learned from watching and playing. This particular guide won't cover runes/masteries, as I personally don't put much stock into them and don't mess with them too much, but I will talk about the majority of other things. If you have a question about something, or wish to discuss a choice I made or anything of that sort, just leave a comment.

Note: I have split the guide into skills/build for quick reference, while "game flow" is more detailed and a bit longer. You don't need to read both (but feel free).


Some people say Mr. Metal is underpowered. My goal is to set these people right. Not only will you be playing a balanced hero, you will have people calling him OP (like the title xD), or that's what we're shooting for.

You will not die. You will smack stuff with a giant mace. You will farm. You will harrass. You will possess people. And you will have a blast doing it.

There are 3 ways that you will generally see Morde played: tank, dps and hybrid between these. I have never bought into Mordekaiser as an AP tank. The main reason is his ratios aren't great, and the attacks themselves are strong enough to smack around some squishies.

This guide will focus on a tank Mordekaiser build. If it is well-received, I will also post a DPS Morde guide, but it's not as much my speciality.

So, let's get into it, eh?


I'm not gonna put down all the damage and cd stuff here. May do that at a later date. I'll discuss them briefly though, for those who haven't played Morde at all and want a launching point.

Q: Mace of Spades (MoS): Adds some damage to your base attack, and causes that attack to split off and hit 4 other enemies. This skill will be your third most important, behind Siphon and your Ult. It does sizable damage, the split lets you farm well, and when used on one target the added damage is doubled, so the attack becomes stronger when chasing in the jungle, for example.

E: Creeping Death: A shield that does damage. Kind of a castable Sunfire Cape that can be used on any friendly unit, including minions. Some people swear by this skill; I do not. Is it a bad skill? Certainly not. It's just not going to be our playstyle. Level this one last.

E: Siphon: A cone-aoe attack that deals damage and recharges your shield. This attack will be your lifeblood for most of the game. Keep it up and running at all times. The damage is nothing to scoff at, the farming potential is enormous, and the shield recharge is invaluable.

R: Children of the Dead: My favorite ult in the game, if only purely in concept. You cast a curse on an enemy, slowly leeching their life for 8 seconds; if they die during these 8 seconds, you gain control of their spirit for 30 seconds. Very satisfying. This move will be discussed in more detail later.

Summoner Spells:

I use Flash and Cleanse. I would only consider Cleanse "vital" for this build, as we will be buying Boots of Swiftness rather than Mercury Treads. Ignite and Exhaust are also very good.

Skill Build:

I could go through a level by level layout of this, but it's really straightforward. It goes:

Ultimate (R) - > Siphon (E) -> MoS (R) - Creeping Death (E).

Thos are your priorities. You won't put a point of Creeping Death in until lv 13 with this build. If you want to do it earlier (I don't blame you) exchange it for MoS somewhere along the line.

You want to have all the harrassing and champ-killing pontential that you can. Siphon and MoS do this for you more than Creeping Death does. Late levels and endgame is when you'll be wading into team fights, so that's when we'll work with Creeping Death.

Item Build:

I will discuss item purchase order and things in more detail under "Game Flow". Here is the outline for what you will shooting for.

Items I Always Get:
1. Spirit Visage - This is your laning item. It'll kick you up to a respectable 40 hp/5 or so, and also comes with some strong MR and lovely CD reduction.
2. Boots of Swiftness - For running and chasing, simply. Cleanse takes the place of Mercury Treads, and none of the other boots really fit our Morde style.
3. Frozen Hammer - Not only does this grant health and a permaslow attack, it also grants your spirit permaslow. With some micromanaging you can slow a whole enemy team between you and your pet.
4. Guardian Angel - Apart from having one of the best Unique Passives in the game, it is one of only 2 items that provides both armor and MR. We're shooting for unkillable here, and all of these things fit the bill.

Variable Items:
1. Thornmail - High DPS opponents? Watch them squirm under your thornmailed toe.
2. Warmogs - Not really sure what to do? This is a good way to go. You'll fill that baby up in no time with your farming prowess.
3. Force of Nature - Opposite of Thornmail, with a caster-heavy team. It also pairs amazingly with your Spirit Visage.
4. Bloodthirster - If you just want to smack some people around, i.e. the other team doesn't hurt you enough as it is.
5. Rylai's Scepter - I personally prefer Frozen Mallet to this, but if you want your spells to slow, feel free. It's not a bad item, just not my thing.

Game Flow (This is the long part, and will include the build, time to buy, skills and strategy and everything):

1. Early game: Use your 475 to buy a Rejuventaion Bead and 6 potions. (Why this as opposed to a Regrowth Pendant or a Doran's Shield? Both of these are valid options. I personally stray away from Doran's equipment because it can't upgrade, and 400 gold is a sizeable investment early. Regrowth Pendant would likely go into Warmogs, and my build just doesn't use Warmogs very often. Also, if you have a Warwick or Twitch wandering around, this gives you the option of trading some pots for wards.)

Grab mid if you can. If you have an Ashe that whines about it, well, you're more than functional in a lane as well. But people underestimate a middle-farmed Morde and his potential, so try to take advantage of that.

Champs that are bad to mid against: Heim (turrets), Teemo, Twitch, and other champs that do DoT rather than "burst". They will drain your shield, rather than letting you take one hit and recharge it. On the other hand...

Champs that are good to mid against: Ashe, Tristana, anyone who starts out as a "poker". These are champs that are used to whittling away at an enemy, taking potshots and backing off. This is exactly what you want.

Morde is a fantastic farmer and harrasser. My strategy for both of these is as follows: once level 2 with Siphon and MoS, wait for a wave to come along. Step the left or right of the melee minions and hit them with your MoS. This should get your shield up enough to defend against an attack from an enemy should it come. As the enemy moves up to take a shot or two at your minions, run up to the mages and pop a Siphon through them. Either you zap the enemy champ along with the minions, or you force them off and away from last hitting. Remember, the more units you hit with Siphon the more your shield builds. Always hit as many as you can! Do this over and over. You will be rolling in gold, and the other will be mad and poor.

The game diverges here, depending on mid or lane.

As a mid: head back to town once you hit level 6 and have 1k gold. Grab some Boots of Swiftness. This is your chance to gank, which you do surprisingly well. Look for a lane with some weaker champs, and preferably ones that don't have boots yet (or at least not upgraded). Go chill in the bushes, all stealth-like, til they push past you a bit. Coordinate with your team for this. Pop out with your MoS up, smack the one you want, Siphon him and start chasing and smackinig the inevitably fleeing enemy. You will be faster, and your MoS should come up again before they hit the tower. Hit them with it again, and cast your ult if you feel you have a good shot. During this, if you haven't take too many minion hits, you may still be able to tower dive with your remaining shield and finish the job. Congratulations! You have your first spirit! Immediately hold alt and right click on the other enemy, sending your minion to do your evil bidding. Run past the tower while your minion wails on them, getting out of range so your pet takes the hits, and when they step out/minion dies, bring up your MoS again, Siphon and BOOM, you got a double kill.

This is all ideal. It will not always work this way. But I want you guys to try this build, right? Gotta play it up.

As a lane: the name of the game? "Farm and Harrass". Live it, learn it, love it. I often get up to 2100 gold (my general goal) before porting. Here's how my gold system works, depending on when you leave:

1k gold: Boots of Swiftness
1.5 k gold: Spirit Visage and lvl 1 Boots
1.8k gold: Phage and lvl 1 Boots
2.1k gold: Spirit Visage and Boots of Swiftness
(I wouldn't stay in lane much longer than this, regardless)

This is a general guideline. Keep it in mind and stay fluid.

Mid Game:

Once the game gets going and towers start getting pushed, you begin to shine. This is when you plateau out on your skills, and quite a bit of damage without investing in damage items. Take advantage of this time todeal shoot for kills. Don't underestimate your strength. You are a force to be reckoned with. Write it on a post-it note and put it on your mirror. Don't forget that.

Hopefully the first tower will have fallen by about 8-10 minutes. You could be either level 8-9 (mid) or level 6 or so (lane). At about 15 minutes you should have your Spirit Visage, Boots, and Phage done and accounted for. Now for your next choice:

Eternal life? or eternal ****ation? O.O... i.e. Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet. I generally try to get Frozen Mallet first, because it's more practical and I'm an arrogant little bugger who never expects to die, but if you're up against a balanced team of AP and AD and you're getting pretty beat up, pick up that GA for the armor/MR and passive. Either way is good. You will inevitably get both. Keep pushing towers and farming minions. You should be able push up to the edge of a tower in less than a minute with Siphon and MoS. Even if you have to back off right away to avoid a gank, you're making the enemies run their little tushies off across the map.

End Game:

Let the 5-man marches commence! People claim Mordekaiser isn't a tank. You may not be fully-feasted Cho'Gath with 6 Warmogs, but you can easily have 200+ armor and MR, with about 2.5k health and a refillable shield that holds 600 hp. Oh, and you come back to life every 5 minutes. Sounds pretty good, eh?

At this point in the game, your damage will start to diminsh. You won't kill tanks, so let that one go. Focus on the Annies and Twitches of the game, though of course that's what you're supposed to be doing anyway. Soak up that damage like the Metal Man you are. Take a MoS or Siphon to the nearby creeps before charging into battle. Laugh as Yi throws himself against your thornmail, or Ryze tries to burst you down through your 200 MR while you smack him in the face with a giant mace. It will take all 5 of them to bring you down, and you will love every glorious moment of it.

I'll finish this off with some little things I've noticed about Mordekaiser, tricks or suggestions or whatever. Please feel free to drop some if you want.

- As I said before, Frozen Mallet attacks proc on your spirit as well as you. This also applies to the Lizard buff.

- If you can snag a Twitch, go for it. His poison passive stays with the spirit.

- You may not use mana, but don't be afraid to go for an unused Golem buff. CD reduction is fantastic on Mr. Metal, and the only reason I don't get Frozen Heart for him is the uselessness of the mana aspect. MoS every 2.4 seconds? Yes please.

Not a lot, but that's all I can think of right now. I hope you enjoyed my guide/got some good information from it. Please, feel free to ask questions or suggestions or anything. I stlll have plenty to learn myself.

gl, hf, dd. ^^

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Junior Member


Iron chef Bobby Flay approves this guide! Thanks for the hard work of putting it together, its an awesome guide.

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The Swedish Chef

Senior Member


Not a bad guide for the most part. You might want to include Ghost as another possible spell if you dont want to run Flash or something too. Great for chasing to try and get your Ulti off.

I'd also like to add, in the upcoming patch you might want to add Leviathan as a possible to his build. With it giving 2 stacks for just assisting, I imagine it'll be very very potent on him.

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Junior Member



I'd also like to add, in the upcoming patch you might want to add Leviathan as a possible to his build. With it giving 2 stacks for just assisting,

Where do you find this? I've seen release notes quoted like this before they are announced and I was wondering where they can be found?

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Senior Member


You can find it in test realm forum.

About the build, I will try cleanse and boots of swiftness instead of the flash + merc's I build now. Also, I never get Guardian Angel, since I never die with him anyway. Then again, if you are going to initiate with him, it's pretty much a must I think.

What do you think of Haunting Guise on Morde? I like to get it as a cheap item mid game because the CDR and MP work great on him imo...

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Senior Member


Just an idea for you all, I tend to run Sorcerers boots on Mord. His AP ratios are lame so no point buffing them but his main source of damage, plus the source of his shield generating abilities, is spell damage. A bit of magic penetration works wonders in letting him dish out a little more damage and more importantly keep that shield stacked. Plus if you're getting frozen mallet already boots of swiftness are slight overkill.

Edit: forgot to mention that also not having merc treads gives your enemies a little more incentive to use CC on you, which is great since I'd rather them CC me with my shield, armor, magic resist and GA than my squishy carry behind me.