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(Mini-Guide) "Tanking" The Iron Will of Mordekaiser

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As the title implies this is not a comprehensive nor complete guide on Mordekaiser, Master of Metal. As an exposition; I am writing this quick how to for Riot's newest champ, because I have recently run a streak of about 5 very good games with Morde as a tank, and I feel I should impart my wisdom. This is solely a guide of opinion and any critism would be appreciated and hopefully discussed. My most recent game was 11-1-8, a great game by most standards. So with this in mind I present to you...


Personal preference because well your tanking, The 9 in Offense is Archaic Knowledge to help with Mordekaiser's much lacking magic dmg. The Defensive tree highlights are Mender's Faith, additional armor and magic resist, and the rest is mostly self explanatory. This spec will allow to stay right in the middle of the fight without fear of getting burst right down to nothing, for the most part.

Runes are subject to your discretion. I say this because I run the same rune page for every single champ, because I am too cheap to purchase more runes. My page is atk dmg, AP, some MR and Armor, with Quints in the same areas. This makes any champ well rounded and would recommend it anyone. Either way its completely subjective.

Heal- because you will almost always initiate and be right in the middle of things. A shot of hp is always a good thing for any tank, and u should have specced it anyway.
Ghost/Flash- either escape tool works, Ghost being my preference for its multiple uses (lane switching on the fly) The idea in grabbing an escape tool is to run in to a fight, bash everyone's brains in, meaning they will do the same in return and when things get hairy, get out.
Again both of preferences and by no means standard to everyone. Both are highly recommended however, because I've had great success with both.

While this is a tanking guide, the following items serve both that need and are extremely effective at aiding in a chase, which is Mordekaiser's weakness, and adding a nice bit of dmg. I will break them up in the order which you should obtain them, simply for laning and game phase purposes.

In no particular order
Doran's Shield
Sunfire Cape
Rylai's Scepter
Frozen Mallet
Atmas Impaler
Situation Item*

Alright broken down
Doran's Shield should come first, because it offers steady hp regen, and nice little tanking bonuses. Hp regen is important early because your abilities cost hp.
Phage is next to add both a little pop to your dmg and a nice amount of hp. This may or may not help you get a kill or two early.
Mercury treads are the most effective boots for Mordekaiser, because if things get hairy and u need to get out in a hurry this will ensure that u have time to pop a ghost or flash and get out, and the MR is a nice bonus.
Sunfire cape is next because at this point u should still be laning at least a little bit and this really helps u farm and push lanes. The health and armor should also help u start tanking as well.
Rylai's Scepter should follow. This adds a nice amount of AP and health and its effect is very nice for aiding in ganks or if your really good net u a couple kills.
Complete the Frozen Mallet next to add even more health, and ensure effective chasing and ganking.

That completes the core item build, leaving you with over 3K hp, the ability to engage, tank, gank, and chase very well, which sums up mordekaiser tanking, From here your last two items will vary.

I tend to build an Atmas Impaler if I'm confident in my tanking, because at this point it adds a ton of dmg. Otherwise I'll slap another sunfire on if I'm having a hard time tanking.
The last items tends to depend on the opposing team. Essentially, you should grab yet another sunfire cape if you are facing physical dps, or banshee's veil if you are up against magic dmg.

The game rarely exceeds the core item build, so stick to those items and you should be tanking and ganking very well.

I'm not going to overextend myself in trying to tell YOU how YOU should play. I will however explain to you my method that has proven time and time again to be effective.

Early Game
All about maxing out siphon of destruction so you can harass, perhaps kill, and mainatin a nice Iron Man shield, Mordekaiser's best asset. You should against almost any opponent own the creep line with your constant Siphons warding them off. Be wary of farming with a low shield however, and at this point you are still gankable.

Mid Game
At this point you should have a large pool of health, and maxed out Siphon and almost maxed out Creeping Death. During mid game besides jumping into a fight, first leading with Siphon then Creeping death and Mace of Spades, you should be running around farming and pushing lanes. Mordekaisers excels at this and ghost can help you maintain map control quite nicely. A typical team fight involves you positioning your Siphon to hit a decent number of opponents, putting a sharp ass metallic cloud around yourself and using Mace of Spades on the person with the lowest hp near you. This often results in scaring the **** out of them and either chasing them off, or grabbing a kill.

Late Game
Hopefully your core build is done so you can now tank anything they throw at you. Remeber to set your shield up by hitting as many targets with Siphon and always put Creeping Death on yourself for its many benefits. At this point, with a full shield you can tank towers from full (with help) and effectively, slow their entire team with your combos.

A quick note on Children of the Grave.
As it is now thus ult is useful for only one thing, and that is the ghost. I have never seen it do more than 100dmg a tick which is pitiful to say the most. In its present state (hopefully to be changed soon) it should be placed on anyone in range that is about to die. Hopefully they in fact did die, and you'll have won yourself a little ghosty. Seeing as Mordekaiser benefits from both AP and atk dmg, it doesn't matter who's ghost it is (although admittedly twitch has proven to be my favorite ghost). Basically what I'm telling you is if someone if about to die harvest their soul and turn it around on the nearest turret, creep wave, or champion, they do a surprising amount of dmg.

That's all from me, I hope you find success with The Master of Metal, as I don't think he is understood very well and thus has been dubbed UP. I am very much open to further discussion and would be pleased to bounce feedback.