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yoLo shaRc

Junior Member


Mordekaiser (AKA Mordecarry)

I'm going to assume most of you are competent players who can figure out what his abilities do, and his base stats and/or stats per level are, therefor I'm not going to post them. Nor will you be getting a character bio. This is a straightforward guide to Skills, Items, and my playstyle which I find to be quite effective.

I play Mord as an aggressive tank, I don't feel he plays well as a physical carry, or with an AP build.

The lane you go to does not matter, obviously if you solo mid, you will have greater amounts of gold and a level advantage to the side lanes.

I use 9/21/0 - On my rune page I use MrP runes and Health/Level@18. Currently I'm replacing my gold/5 quints with XP quints.

As far as skills go, I use E>Q>R>W. I put 1 point in E, then Q and alternate; grabbing R when possible and W last, starting at 13. For summoner spells, take Ignite and Teleport(or flash)

For items, I start with a regrowth pendant and then build the rest as follows, usually pilling only when I can buy the full item (With exception to boots1 which I buy with my first item).

1) Regrowth Pendant

First Pill
2) Force of Nature combine and boots1(Mercury treads if I can afford)

Second Pill
3)Mercury Treads if not purchased earlier and Thornmail

Third Pill
4) Frozen Mallet if you can afford it, else phage and start working on Warden's Mail

Fourth Pill
5) Finish Frozen Mallet / Finish Warden's Mail if Mallet purchased already.

Fifth and final pill
6) Guardian Angel

This makes your endgame items look like:

Force of Nature
Mercury Treads
Frozen Mallet
Warden's Mail
Guardian Angel

With the way I play, this entire build is possible by the 35-40min mark, at which point you are nearly unkillable due to GA. If the game lasts longer, sell your boots for elixirs, and purchase boots again.

My goal when I play is to use my E to build my shield and harass the opponents in the laning phase. If done properly you can have an early sub6 kill with Ignite. If your opponent does not have a healer/regen item consider them dead or pilling early. If you can't pull off a kill early, wait for your ult at 6, get them to 60% health and use an E>Ignite>R combo, this will kill them.

Continue using E and Q to farm like mad while pushing towers, and eventually carrying the game to a win. End game you have 2700hp 600shield 330armor and ~270 MR with your W abilitiy on making you a formidable tank. Using your ult on the other teams carry will help 6v4 in team fights.

If you have any questions feel free to post, and thank you for reading my guide. I hope it helps you with Mordecarry.