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Tips and Tweeks on my Morde?

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Hiya uh, so I've been playing Morde since he came out and at first I tried him as a DPS :>(That was a no go) Then used him as a 3kHP/ 230 Arm / 100-200 MGR tank.

Here is my build (Pretty common for tanks right?)

Dorian Shield + Hp Pot

Ninja Tobes (For the Armor)

Spirit Visage (Wether I build up or just stane in lane until i get enough)

Warmong Armor

Force Of Nature

Wardens Mail
(I Grab HP pots now and then as well)
And then at the end switch out Dorian for Sunfire Cape or Guardian angel or Frozen Heart.

My games have been pretty good, I get up to force of nature at least for each game around 25-30 minutes. I've been laning middle lately and it's been working out pretty effectivly. My summoner skills are Heal and Ignite.

Can anyone maybe tell me if I should switch anything out for a different item? Some Tips would be nice ^_^

Thanks in advance!