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[Item Strategy] Mordekaiser - Tank Builds

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Simple discussion: after several games with Mordekaiser testing out various aspects of his capabilities and limitations, I've arrived at a generic core and anti-spell damage extended item build.

Posting this for discussion and comments, preferably by players who know what they're doing. Without further ado:

Tank Build Core:

1. Doran's Shield or Regrowth Pendant (leaning to Doran's for side-lanes, Regrowth for solomid). Note: fast level acquisition when soloing = higher max HP more quickly, reducing the relevance of Doran's.

2a. Boots. Primarily Merc Treads to reduce CC duration. CC on Mord = cannot refill shield = dead. Less CC = refilling shield more often = Mord lives.

2b. In some situations, Ninja Tabi.

3. Giant's Belt -> Rylai's. Initial HP pump mandatory. AOE slow spam enables Mord to be relevant in a group fight and more effective at all combat in general. Frozen Mallet is unreliable due to its single target + melee nature, although it does give a margin more HP. Note: Frozen Mallet is *an* option, and if I were to ever use it I would place it here in the build. However, I would not use it in general.

This would be the core build. Mord with a HP pump, slight damage augmentation, slight HP regen, and chain slow on everything in sight.

Extended build versus spell damage:

4. Negatron Cloak -> Abyssal Scepter. Abyssal is a solid tank item due to its magic resist buff, and the debuff that increases the damage output of your entire team. Buffing everyone else's damage = relevant. Mord is not a primary magic damage dealer. Note: if your team doesn't have any notable spell damage output, consider skipping this for an alternative (note2: also, get a new team; it's extremely rare to have this little spell damage, unless you go Yi/Trynd/Pirate/etc).

5. Aegis of the Legion. Universally effective, and also gives an additional max HP boost.

6. Force of Nature. Good bonuses all around aside from the investment into raw HP regen.

Extended build versus physical damage:

4. Warden Mail / Thornmail / Sunfire Cape / Aegis / Atma's Impaler.

I have not developed much thought here. I do not favor Thornmail, because it causes opponents to avoid attacking you, which does not particularly help your team. Similar topic with Warden Mail, except that the effect is more subtle.

Sunfire Capes seem the most effective, but cost a good bit of $.

Sidenote: I don't often get Atma's. I'm thinking that in this section, an "Aegis -> Atma -> GA/Sunfire" progression might make the most sense.

Extended general build

Note: build against composite teams.

4. Aegis of the Legion.

5. Sunfire cape.

6. Abyssal Scepter.

7. Guardian Angel.

All that said, please categorize any comments, suggestions, questions, informed opinions under the following headings:

1. Tank core
2. Extended v. spell damage
3. Extended v. physical damage
4. Extended generic/composite