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Dear Riot... (concerning bans during this horrible patch)

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I myself have not gotten banned today, but I did get the leaver warning level 1 message after the game crashed when going from the champion selection screen to the full screen loading screen.
I think that it is STUPID if people are getting banned from d/c's that weren't their fault, nor their computers fault. It's obviously Riot's fault because from what I'm reading on the forums, this happens to a LOT of people after new patches.

The point I'm trying to make is that I hope Riot realizes they need to own up to their problems, and remove the faulty bans that are being given out today. If they don't, I'll probably lose a lot of respect for Riot as a gaming company, and I'm sure a lot of other loyal fans will too.

But in the mean time if anybody else is having this client crashing problem, I'd advise just waiting until tomorrow to see if they've fixed it.