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Post your Rumble Builds/Playstyles

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I'll update in a few games, just wanted to get some feedback on how everyones playing him, seing him played, what build order, runes, masteries and all that jazz...

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Woot first post.

I have been doing EXTREMELY well, with the following

Dorans Shield>Sorc Boots>Rylaighs Scepter>Abysall Scepter>Last Three Items Situational.

Have taken mid to great success too, though I wouldn't recommended it.

Overall very strong character with a very aggressive play style (Similar to the old M'F Chogath before his passive and Feast nerfs). but his early game is very dangerous as practically impossible not to push your lane forward and exposing yourself to a gank.

Runes are 2 Health Regen Quints, 1 Magic Pen Quint
Magic Pen Marks
Armor Per Level Seals
MR per Level Glyphs


Also Got called OP last game, but IDK if thats the case as I have seen quite a few rumbles on the enemy team get Stomped (I wasn't laning against them)