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Jungling Fiddlesticks?

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Is jungling fiddlesticks viable in solo queue? By viable, I mean is it the better choice in solo queue where I'm not always guaranteed a solo lane? I know every situation is different, but in general what would be the better option?

I figure since people say darkwind, terrify, and storm pew pew people for big effects, I should stop jungling and just lane instead. I hear arguments over darkwind, terrify, and storm but not drain, so I'm thinking that drain should have less importance in whatever path I choose?

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Jungling in a solo queue is risky considering that you have no idea how well your teammate will do with a single lane. I have been in games where someone insists on taking middle lane and ends up feeding terribly, on the other hand, the opposite have been true as well and they end up doing really well, so it really is a gamble.

As for drain life, it is utterly ridiculous at what it can do. Champions without a stun/silence pretty much get eaten alive by you if they decide to tank Fiddlesticks. Drain life is the first skill I max out, with a level 2 Dark Wind for early harassment and the rest goes into Fear. Stack FS with AP and you'll do insane amounts of damage with drain life.