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What if smite could deny?

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Because the player base skill lvl barely acomplishes last hiting,let alone deny and last hit every mob in the lane like in Dota.

how you gonna last hit every single creep if you opponent is denying every single creep

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Short answer: Bad

Long answer: Okay so, smite has a 55 second cool down. Minion waves have 6 creeps in them (not including the siege minion every 3 waves.) Lets also presume that theres two smites in your lane. So straight of the bat at 1:30 you smite 2 minions at the inhibitor. And follow them to your lane.

The enemy have lost 2 minions worth of gold and exp.

They will lose these 2 minions every wave in the laning phase.

What it will boil down to is whoever has the most smites wins. Which also means, you're using a summoner spell slot on a spell that you are probably forced to take. The other spell you should take will probably be an escape. What happens to poor old Ignite? Exhaust? They get left to rot, and then subsequently buffed to make it so they are worthy picks. And then suddenly we have a 500 damage ignite, and a slow that slows you by 85% and makes you miss all your attacks and spells do 0 damage.

Then What?

HOLY HELL! The enemy has taken 2 ignites and 2 exhausts in your lane. You fight at bot lane at level 1 (the majority of playerbase are low elo and don't think to stop the jungler). They exhaust both of you, and ignite both of you. Oh Xin Zhao just got a double kill, and Janna just got two assists. Now what? Xin Zhao comes back with boots, and harasses you out of the lane. Oh dear, you just let Xin Zhao farm all game! You know what is going to happen now? Yep that's right! He's going to carry, with his super strong exhaust and ignite.

Meanwhile Top and mid, they are getting denied EXP because of the Janna (that can now be roaming) is ganking their lanes over and over, meaning your WHOLE team will be at a disadvantage because smite can deny creeps.

And that is the reason why it would be the single worst thing to ever happen in LoL history.