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Prioty for leveing Ryze spells?

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Wow really people? You grab spell flux lvl 1 then level it last. Its scaling per rank is the weakest of his spells and i thought people would notice that
I max Ult<Overload<Rune Prison<Spell Flux

grab spell flux for level 1.

What most people aren't saying is the fact that each rank of Overload reduces the cd by 1 second as well.

Ryze's recent "Buff Patch" i thought would make it more clear as it created more damage per rank for overload and less damage per rank for Spell flux.

Rune prison i will say as much as yes it can be good, but that strong overload always wins me over

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it really depends on how you are playing Ryze. If you are not so much focused on AP, and need the survivability, Max Rune Prison First. Just 1 point in overload and spell flux is typically enough. This is what I do:

lvl 1 - spell flux - item always doran's ring+hp pot(unless I am going tear, then Sapphire Crystal + overload)
lvl 2 - rune prison (if I went overload first, typically spell flux unless the lane is really aggressive)
lvl 3 - here is where you make a choice - Is the game looking like a lot of aggro pushers are in it? - Then keep maxing rune prison. If you just want to be king of burst. Keep maxing Spell Flux.
lvl 4 - whatever I haven't gotten yet. Or keep maxing what was choosen at lvl 3.