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[Champion Suggestion] Aqlurgu, Ambassador of the Deep

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And a picture, i thought of him during a religion period that was boring as hell.
Whenn i looked at it after that i Thought could make a champion out of it.
So here it is!

Yeah, yeah its just black and white but its made during a school lessen so just dont mind^^

Name: Aqlurgu
Title: Ambassador of the Deep
Class: Caster

Damage low
Life: medium
Magic: high
Movement: 310
Range: 450(?)

Once a prophet for the lords of the deep sea, he lost his position after he
lost his ability of the second sight. After more or less thrown away after ages of serving he fled to the surface where he wandered around looking for a sense in his existence. Eventually he was not able to find one, but instead came across to the league of legends. Where he now calls himself Ambassador of the deep, forever remembering anyone that there is more than wht is living an the surface.


Passive: Deep Knowledge
Gives him and his allies increased Mana regeneration based on lvl.

1.(Q) Drown
Summons a bubble of water around the head of his opponent silencing him for
1/1,5/2/2,5/3 seconds and dealing dmg every 0.5 seconds

2.(W) Big Wave
Aqlurgu summons a big wave in front of hin Knocking enemies back and
doing moderate dmg.

3.(E) Water Shield
Reduces magic dmg taken by 10/15/20/25/30% (passive)
can consume the bubble to restore some health(?) and mana.
Passive effect not working for a period after consuming the bubble.

Ultimate (R) Maelstrom
Summons a giant Maelstrom that sucks enemies in range to its mid in circles,
making it impossible for them to move and doing moderate dmg.
2 seconds casting time but after that Aqlurgu can freely move inside the maelstrom.

Well that it sry i didnĀ“t think about the dmg scalations i will take advice thankfully

and again sry if my english is not that good but i am still german^^

Mfg Cerdaemon